Thursday, 19 February 2009

Mushy Peas and Daily Mash

Lord Fondlebum of Boy has been having an überflounce in New York.

Lord Mandelson, the Business Secretary, has attacked the chairman and chief executive of Starbucks, the American coffee giant, in a foul-mouthed tirade for talking down the British economy.

Howard Schultz, who built the coffee chain which is now struggling in America, said in a television interview last night: “The concern for us is Western Europe and specifically the UK. The UK is in a spiral.”

Lord Mandelson later said, within earshot of journalists: “Why should I have that guy running down the country? Who the fuck is he?"

The (excellent) Daily Mash has the answer to his question.


electro-kevin said...

I've experienced the delights of Daily Mash recently.

idle said...

Good to hear from you, e-k. Enjoying your down-time?

apricotfox said...

Brilliant....but I am waiting for their bit on Gordy's next job. I began to wonder if it was April 1st when I heard, yesterday, rumours tha the one-eyed, Scottish idiot and was going to become head of global bank bailout/regulation/reflation of world economies etc etc...indeed, to be finally endorsed in his self-appointed role as saviour of the universe.
In my little world it would be worse, by far, than putting Mr Todd in charge of poultry husbandry...

idle said...

Foxy - the story that McBust is to become Global Bailout Czar is nothing to the story that Yvette Balls is being urged to stand as a Stop Harriet candidate when we hang Gordon.

The Speccie chap says that Yvette's intellect should not be doubted, and that she has a better grasp of current economic events than darling. A bit like me saying I'm a better golfer than Abu Hamza.

rvi said...

Surely you do not expect our so-called Business Secretary to know anything about one of the most successful businesses in the global economy, do you? One lump or two?

Philipa said...

Hee hee excellent link, Idle. I like the Daily Mash story.

Which reminds me.. I did not like the fact that privileged bum-chums of Boothby and Labour MP Tom Driberg ( and pals of the Krays) are still being protected by the current government.

It's good to talk.

Bill Quango MP said...

It was odd that Mr Schultz was on air and asked what do you think of the UK.
“The concern for us is Western Europe and specifically the UK. The UK is in a spiral.”

Then within minutes it seems Mr Mandleson was asked on. The what about the UK question couldn't have been an accident.
Someone was taking the piss. Probably revenge for all that started in America guff.

Tuscan Tony said...

Marvellous stuff. I saw this somewhere or other but didn't know the source until now - what an excellent put-down; shame it wasn't delivered to him after he made the original fatuous comment.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Idle......Farqs here.

A most enjoyable thread! You might enjoy this from the same place....

POPE Benedict XVI has told Gordon Brown that he has believed some crazy things in his time but he's not buying that crap.

During an audience in Rome yesterday Mr Brown said Britain was facing a deep recession and its people were suffering, but insisted none of it had nothing to do with him.

Pope Benedict told the prime minister: "Are you taking the p*ss? Eh? This is the Vatican, you can't just come in here and start taking the p*ss, you know.

"Listen chum, I believe that a 14 year-old girl got pregnant by the 'Holy Spirit', that the child was the Son of God and also God at the same time, whatever that means.

"I believe that he walked on water, that he raised the dead and that he fed 5000 people with a couple of haddock.

"I believe that he was killed and then came back to life all in the same weekend and I believe that these tiny little wafers are his actual body and this rather cheap, nasty red wine is his actual blood.

"Not only that, but I also believe some really weird sh*t about dead, unbaptised babies being condemned to limbo. And, between you and me, I also believe that Jesus could fly.

"Now given all that, you would expect me to swallow just about anything, but what you just said sounds like a lot of *rse to me."

The Pontiff added: "It doesn't take some kind of genius Pope to work out that your problems are based on a weak regulatory system and excessive government debt, both of which have been your responsibility for 11 and a half years.

"Not your fault? Get the f*ck out of my office."

Love to Mrs Idle
PS As always we much enjoyed having Miss Idle to stay.

Plato said...

Love the photo :)

lilith said...

I liked the Daily Mash IMF story too. And that is a truly horrendous pic of Mandy.

idle said...

Isn't it a dreadful photo? He may have been trying to get the photographer into bed. He is holding the rose in a particularly disgusting way, and appears to be making 'come to bed eyes'.

I wish the MSM would use this as their stock photograph of him whenever there is a story.

idle said...

Great stuff from the Mash again, farqs. They have been on great form recently.

Miss idle enjoyed her stay, as ever. If I thrash her or withhold pocket money you might see a thank you letter.