Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Don't Faint

The old adage is proved again: give 'em enough time and they'll come round.

The Beeb's biodrama of the glorious Margaret has been seen by Letts of the Mail, and it does not look, walk, or quack like the lefty chippy duck it promised to be.

True, Lindsay Duncan, who I rate as a terrific actress, said that she 'hated' Thatcher before she made the film, but - blow me! - found that there was a bit more to her than the typical knee-jerk luvvie attitudes which were, I suppose, the only views on Thatcher poor Duncan had ever heard.

So, having planned to watch the prog next week through gritted teeth, green-ink pen in hand, I'm now looking forward to it.

Reagan first, Margaret second.... the left-wing view of history is gradually being revised. Give it twenty years, when Iraq is a lovely place to live and friendly to its neighbours, and they might even show Dubya as the kindly, thoughtful, far-sighted statesman that some of his friends assure me he is.


Alceste said...

"The facts of life do invariably turn out to be Tory" - as a wise woman once remarked.

Barnsley Bill said...

I wonder if she is unwell.. They may be softening us up.