Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Badduns, All

Idle has advice for both sides in the Battle of Bad PR.
To the 'humanitarians': running blockades is risky. Running Israeli blockades is suicidal. Blame yourselves. If you REALLY mean to do it, next time take a couple of destroyers and a frigate or two, and make sure you have air cover (but nb this is still unlikely to work and will result in singed beards and smoking sandals).
To the Israelis: attacking any ship in international waters is very very stupid. Remember that the international press are all more or less Jon Snow in political outlook. You have the means at your disposal to annihilate a flotilla of 'humanitarians' in approx 30 seconds when they DO enter your waters, so next time, wait. Then show some restraint. Don't make so much of the world hate you even more than they do already.
To Israel's enemies: acknowledge their right to exist. Otherwise this will go on for ever. And if Ehud Barak becomes PM again and offers the Pals a deal anywhere near as good as Camp David 2000, grab it and run like buggery all the way back to Gaza and the West Bank.
To Israel: acknowledging your right to exist does not mean that we like your horrible methods and heartless attitudes. You can win your long term peace and security only if you play fair, which you almost never have done.
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