Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Obituary Backwards Clerihew

The BBC loved him; always by Gerry's side on St Patrick's Day,
The man who drowned a girl called Mary-Jo and ran away.
What sort of a world was it if the suggested remedy
Was Ted Kennedy?


Elby the Beserk said...

Fleet had a post on the Vulcan bomber a few days back; used to have them at the end of our back garden as a lad, at Avroes in Woodford, Cheshire.

Given that we would have every right, under American foreign policy philosophy, to bomb the fuck out of the cunts whilst they were lauding, protecting and funding the IRA, would it not have been fine sight for a fleet of them to fly over the Atlantic and reduce Boston to rubble.

I will say that all the true Irish I know, republicans and all, find the American, "Lets all be Irish" shit utterly repulsive.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

I had the pleasure of meeting a chap who kicked Adams up the arse whilst having his soldiers ransack the Hoons well appointed (for an unemployed barman) house .
Shame that his Sterling didnt have a negligent discharge.

Savonarola said...

Bad genes in that family.

Ted cheated at Harvard by getting someone else to do his final paer in Spanish.

He mentored the younger Kennedys in substance abuse, rape and theft.

His greatest regret was being exposed as the killer of Mary Jo Kopechne.

Kennedy would have been a Titanic survivor.

The greatest/most effective US Senator was Lyndon Johnson - by a mile.

idle said...

Bombing Boston, elby? Be careful. It would be a shame if Niall Ferguson at Harvard was a casualty.

Good story, beast. I wonder if it's true. O/T, did you ever watch the Father Ted episode called Kicking Bishop Brennan Up The Arse? Pure joy.

Savo, I agree with all you say. The 'greatness' tag being affixed to him by all those sincere grave politicians is a right laugh. I'll send a fiver to the first politician who speaks the truth about him.

lilith said...

Sorry for the language, but after a bottle of Grange (to celebrate an injunction served on Elby) all I can add is that the guy was a cunt.

Thud said...

Hard to top and disagree with Lilith on the happily departed Tedddy.

idle said...

Does one celebrate having an injunction served upon one, lil?

You lot spend more time in court than Rumpole.

lilith said...

I know Idle. The injunctioner has perjured himself marvellously so it is not a worry. A mere diversion and a good excuse to crack open a bottle.... Not everybody is happy about Elby and Lilith living happily ever after....

Philipa said...

Have to agree with Lils on this one.

Trubes said...

I could never understand, either, why JFK and his strange wife were so idolised, although I was sorry that he was assasinated.
It is common knowledge that the whole family is corrupt and Teddy the most. A proven a lying cheating coward.
What decent man would leave a young woman, trapped in a car, under water, in an air pocket?
Had he returned to the house where he, and his pals were partying, he could have raised the alarm, there and then, instead of leaving the poor soul fighting for her life.
I agree with Lil's' vocab' but can't bring myself to use the C word!
Considering he had the sense of mind and strength, to swim three miles to the mainland.
Even then, he didn't alert anyone.
I suspect, the only people he alerted would have been his lawyers.
Until he paid such a nauseating tribute to Kennedy, I was quite liking Obama, mainly because he replaced Bush's administration and destroyed Hilary Clinton's plans of becoming America's first female President.


Bill Quango MP said...

"I'll send a fiver to the first politician who speaks the truth about him."

He was a true weathervane of protest politics, embracing each undeserving cause in turn, before moving on to the next fashionable protest.

Is that cash or cheque?

idle said...

Five Zim $ in the post, Bingo.

William Gruff said...

'What sort of a world was it if the suggested remedy
Was Ted Kennedy?

Really, Idle, this is a disgraceful mockery of the man and his achievements.

Anyone seriously bent on doing the late 'Irish American' Anglophobe full justice would have written:

What sort of world is it
if the suggested remedy
Was the somewhat less than honourable
honorary Sir Ted Kennedy?

William Gruff said...

PS: If there is any justice in the heavens, Kennedy will be 71 of the 72 virgins every suicide bomber is given to play with.

William Gruff said...

PPS: Nos 1 - 71 and not no 71.

electro-kevin said...

Two of the Kennedies got taken out early; another suffered for years with a brain tumor from which he died(not a nice way to go.)

Have a heart people. Have a heart, for pity's sake !

We can't expect things to go our way ALL of the time. ;p

Anonymous said...

Ted is re-united with his brothers

Anonymous said...

Snitched from Theo Spark:

Posterity will ne'er survey
A nobler grave than this
Here lie the bones of Ted Kennedy
Stop traveller, and piss