Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Utter Nonsense

This is the silly season, and jolly silly it has been:- Mandelson to get his own act of Parliament, so that he can return to the Government green benches (hosed down and de-bogeyed by the steam cleaners during the recess), to lead the Labour Party in its own feeble retreat from Moscow?

Or Andy Burnham, the child Health Secretary, accusing Hannon of being a traitor and trying to have visas refused for right-of-centre American politicians who wish to attend the Tory party conference, on the basis that their disrespect for the NHS is unacceptable?

Or, silliest of all, Harriet Harman displaying her astonishing stupidity and sinister sisterhood plan as stand-in leader?
Here is the winner of a Speccie comp based upon the first line of Lear's The Jumblies, from a while back. Is it just me, or does this poem not capture the NewLabour project and all its incompetent practitioners just perfectly?

They went to sea in a sieve, they did,
With never a moment's doubt:
'It's better by far,' they cried, 'than a boat -
If the water gets in we'll still stay afloat
Because it'll drain straight out.'
They fitted their oar (they'd only brought one)
And started to row, turn about,
But hard as they tried, the sieve just went round
With a gargling, gurgling, guggling sound,
Like a pig with a pea in it's snout.
And though they still strove with might and with main
The tide took a turn and ran them aground
So they found themselves back where they'd started again,
Which proved, they declared, that the Earth must be round.
Oh what greater adventure could life ever give
Than going to sea, as they did, in a sieve?

WJ Webster


electro-kevin said...

And yet they are taken seriously.

Will the nightmare never end ?

Scrobs... said...

You can almost 'feel' the utter panic all this crowd are experiencing now.

Think of all the lowly jobs they'll be chasing, and how many 'contacts' will actually begin to wonder if they'll really want to be associated with such a load of failures.

And also, just for good measure, DC's got to pull his socks up and consider a damn sight more than he's doing now - we don't believe him yet.

Philipa said...

I loved that poem.

And may still vote Labour.

Anonymous said...

Something you should read ...

Harriet Harman's Lies about Rape Exposed Today


Amongst other things, it shows how 700 rapes are turned into 70,000 by people like Harriet Harman in order to pursue their own ambitions.



Call me Infidel said...

Roll on June....terrible thing wishing your life away.

Philipa said...

Randy - what rubbish.

Thud said...

Silly but rather sad....how did we sink so low?

Philipa said...

I'm still waiting for Idle to say 'WHAT?! Vote Labour - are you insane, woman?!'

But he didn't.

So polite.

I love this blog.

idle said...

WHAT?! Vote Labour - are you insane, woman?!

Philipa said...

Sorry, I'll shut the door on my way out :-(

*heels echo in the silence*

rvi said...

Brilliant; a worthy winner.

By the by, do the owl and the pussy cat remind you of any particular Labour ministers? I will not start the ball rolling on this one.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

By whom?
I ignore them apart from a laugh.
Lord Fondlebum has arse cancer and McMental is imploding
Rejoice (+:

Elby the Beserk said...

Sadly, no arse cancer for Meddlesome, however, for some bizarre reason, the surgeons removed the only benign part of him.

lilith said...

Well, Idle, it's a cidered-up can-can from you and Elby :-)