Sunday, 30 August 2009


This, I think, will be enough to send Brown to the knacker's yard. The remnants of the Labour party, in all its guises, can meet in the gay capital of Britain in a month's time, and have a monumental hissy fit, resulting in the kindly old socialist postie being promoted to the Ejector Seat for an autumn general election (or are we to suffer another unelected leader for 6 months whilst the Labour party wait for something - anything - to turn up?)

A Torygrapher has likened it to Watergate. This isn't just about a lie, this is about letting off a convicted mass murderer in order to ginger up an oil deal. And whatever the prognosis for Megrahi - whether he dies in 3 weeks or 3 years - the British public seems overwhelmingly pissed off about his release. And they smell a big, greasy, brown rat. One from Cowdenbeath.

My bet is that the leaks on this affair will be so plentiful and so quick, Brown and Straw will be toast in a fortnight. No wonder Brown has been pouring his toxic treacle all over Teddy Kennedy's twitching corpse; he is gunning for some academic sinecure in liberal New England, where he can escape the humiliation of being the Worst Prime Minister Ever.

Buy a one-way ticket, Gordon.


The Lakelander said...

I'm not a betting man, but my money would be on Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi making a miracle recovery from his prostate cancer (now that he's safely back in Libya.)

Elby the Beserk said...


No, he'll be there till the end, and would not, I am sure, miss a chance to postpone the election on the grounds of whatever if he can. Moral compass - up his arse.

Archie Loch said...

Will be interesting to see where our favourite oxygen wasting son of the manse does end up.

I too think he will stay till the last possible minute enjoying all the trappings but then....your odds please on UN / World Bank / special role in Brussels.

lilith said...

I wish I could agree with you Idle, and anyone else would be vulnerable. McRuin however is not subject to the same moral code as previous politicians and will resist calls for his resignation. Funny thing, these leaks though...someone wants him gone.

ken from glos said...

Always the sign of a fag end government.Leak rate goes through the roof.

Trubes said...

Totally agree with all you say Idle but when I was speaking Chris Grayling last year he assured me that The Tories want Brown to stay as our unelected PM until the General Election.
The longer he stays the more the people can see what an incompetent, lying ,cheating Goverment Labour is.
I have some friends who, sadly voted for NuLab...These are people employed by the Goverment as Teachers, Police, NHS etc.
They are all articulate intelligent people.... I suppose that, if the government is their paymaster, they, like, most of the public services sector employees
feel obliged to vote for them.
Lets face it, 'you don't bite the hand that feeds you'.

Roll on the Epiphany!

THe Lord said, ''Let there be light, and lo, there was light!

Well, it is Sunday.

Sister Trubes.

Bill Quango MP said...

Can't agree. The man has survived for long enough to see it through the bitter and humiliating end. I was once desperate for him to be gone, but now the economic damage is done its hardly worth chucking him out now. Besides we would miss that election night special concession speech.

electro-kevin said...

The worst Prime Minister ever. Maybe. But I prefer to reserve that accolade for Tony Blair.

Aye, BQ. I agree with that sentiment.

Thud said...

I couldn't be happier at Brownies rapidly approaching for oil in exchange for one diseased Arab...good swop methinks.

idle said...

I agree with thud that cheaper oil is a reasonable swap for a poxy camel jockey.

The point about Brown is that it is not the choice of the Tories or the man on the blog as to whether McBust leads his party into the next election - it is the choice of the smellysocks Labourites, and I think they know that he will wipe them out, whilst Postie Johnson might soften the blow. I'd be more than happy to see GayGordo lead the final, doomed charge.

William Gruff said...

May 2010, with The Tartan McReich's Führer leading the brain dead storm troopers of the Greater Scotch Reich (ie: the Labour Party) to the best result they can hope for: A hung parliament in which the vacuous and facile Cameron finds himself desperately wondering how he can spin a deal with the Ulster Unionists, the BNP and the Greens, while the bulk of his front bench prays fervently that it won't have to govern.

Scrobs... said...

When I played chess, I was told to think several moves in front.

I'm trying to figure why we've had just bits of the story from McBruin, Mandy and Strawb, but with no actual result.

There's another lot of hidden stuff to come out yet, so this may well be the beginning of the move which topples him.

Like Queen takes (c)rook?

rvi said...

Despite all the huffing and puffing, a lot of people think he was innocent and was simply framed for it.

If that is indeed so, it seems like a good exchange to me - an innocent man goes free (so we no longer have to guard, house and feed him) and we alledgedly get some lucrative oil deals. What's not to like?

apricotfox said...

I think you meant 'GURNING' for an academic slot..
He won't go. The concepts of accountability and culpability do not , in his warped view, apply in the slightest degree to him.
By the way, it was good to hear Michael Heseltine having the guts to say that Teddy Kennedy's only role in Northern Ireland was as a supporter and fund raiser for the IRA.

Savonarola said...

Brown will not go until the very end if at all.

He is banking on a pick up in the economy for which he will claim credit.

However at a certain point close to the next election, improving economy or not, it will get through to him that he is hated by his own party and the electorate at large.

He will then face a choice between two ignomies.

-Resign so that he does not lead NuLab to a humiliating defeat or
-lead them to that humiliating defeat.

Philipa said...

He's not the worst PM ever - Bliar lied to parliament (why wasn't he impeached?), took us into an illegal war and gave back the cap to europe thereby sinking us even deeper in debt with no prospect of recovery on the horizon. In a lot of ways Brown is just carrying the can albeit at the same time making his own shit job of what's left.

PS: *sigh* the sun is shining and we've had a lovely day. I am very mellow :-)) Hope Y'all are too.

Call me Infidel said...

I wished I shared your optimism on the issue of Al Megrahi being the straw that broke the camel (jockeys) back. Brown will cling to No. 10 by his gnawed to the bone fingernails. To be honest I would rather the clown stayed to the bitter end. To see this shower get their humiliating marching orders will be scant reward, but it will be deeply satisfying nonetheless. Worst Prime Minister ever? Debatable and like some of the other posters my money would be on Bliar for that position.

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