Thursday, 6 August 2009

You're Tired & Emotional

I could have warned Brown about this. It was bound to happen eventually; in fact, it happened before Lord Sugar of Malaga even had his new business cards printed.

Of course we all knew that Brown's ennoblement of Sralan Sugar and his appointment as a czar was a desperate, shallow, populist stunt. Sugar might be a barrowboy-made-good, and well done him, but addicts of The Apprentice (I am one, God help me) will have spotted that, whilst he may have a bit of trader cunning about him, he is a bit thick. He is also chippy, which is how you knew his politics were bound to be lefty. Any knight of the realm who insists upon being referred to by his title by everyone, all the time, is chippy and a bit thick.

Quentin Letts, a funny sketchwriter for the Mail, went on LBC and said that Lordalan (believe me, this will be the [incorrect] form of address in the next series) was "a telly peer who doesn’t seem to have an enormous intellect". Lordalan saw red and speed-dialled his brief. The upshot is that Letts has had a threatening letter demanding money. Not LBC, who broadcast the shock-horror sentence, but Letts. Rich man's bully-boy tactics, in short.

The great and good of journalism (including, extraordinarily, one Paul Staines!) have written a letter to the Speccie to complain about Sugar's behaviour. Matthew Parris has broadsided Lordalan in his column today.

Sugar will climb down, of course. He has made a complete fool of himself. His image as a tough-skinned hardened businessman is lying in tatters. Instead, he comes across as the precious, stupid television celebriddy that he has turned into.

What a wanker. I quoted Chesterton at the time Sugar was raised to the peerage, and I'll quote him again:
Prince, Bayard would have smashed his sword
To see the sort of knights you dub
Is that the last of them - O Lord
Will someone take me to a pub?


Blue Eyes said...

I have to agree with you there. Mr Sugar has a bit of a tendency to be a bit Simon Cowell - i.e. gratuitously unpleasant to someone in order to provoke a good TV reaction.

electro-kevin said...

I have every respect for people who've made money through their own talents and don't begrudge them a penny of their gains.

In Sir Alan's case I think his greatest attribute second to hard work is an awful lot of luck.

His choices on The Apprentice can be downright awful.

His support of Gordon Brown says all you need to know about the man.

Anonymous said...

I will also admit to watching The Apprentice whenever it's on, mainly to see which one of the loathesome creatures gets the chop this week.

As Alan Sugar always liked to be referred to by the correct "Sir Alan" monicker, I wonder if he will insist on the candidates giving him due deference and calling him m'Lord?

It would be difficult to look down at the little runt and say that without grinning, wouldn't it?

Trubes said...

I have scant regard for Lord Sugarplum, he strikes me as a horrid little man with an over inflated ego and I have worked with a few of them in my time.
The best thing about The Apprentice was Margaret Mounford's facial expressions, priceless!

Quentin Letts has shown him up as what he is, a slippery little spiv who should be hawking his wares on a market stall.

Sadly, The House of Lords is bulging at the seams with his ilk!
I do hope, when the Tories get back into Government, that they will rewrite the Constitution and get rid of the 'unworthies'. (that should empty The Lords).
Bring back the real Nobility say I!
It's about time we had a little respect and tradition in the governance of this once great Country!


P.S. Nice legs BTW Idle, re holiday snaps.

Savonarola said...

Sugar/Trump are self advertising con artists. That Labour hold this failed Ryman's League manager in awe demonstrates their complete ignorance of The City and the real players.

Brown himself was bankrolled by an exchange control fraudster who shagged his way to an offshore trust whilst defrauding shareholders at Trans Tec. Yes our ex Paymaster, G Robinson.

Sugar was asked whether he would be taking the Labour Whip in the HoL. He asked "Whats that?"

Letts will have no problem with his 'justifiable comment' defence.

rvi said...

Older viewers will recall the 1950s hit sung by Kitty Wells: Sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening, sugar at suppertime etc.

Whoda thunk it would have come to this?

Thud said...

A lefty shitbag with money and title is still a lefty of my little trueisms.

Kensington and Chelsea said...

I do not see how it is bullying to sue someone who insulted you.

idle said...

K&C - if we all resorted to the law every time we were insulted, the world would cease to spin on its axis and we would all die of starvation or pestilence within months as no one attended to their business any more.

Gordon Brown, for instance, would never be out of the courts.

Which, I grant you, would be a silver lining.

Scrobs... said...

Just because cowards like Bruin can't face flak without cringing, they bring on shouters who bellow at everyone and Sugar's one of them.

As Lakes says, 'You're fired' will only be remembered as a phrase associated with Nulab politicians who won't ever be fired, just moved on to another sinecure paid for by the state.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

I am pretty sure that those ejected from the House by McMental and Blair are now grateful to that pair of wankers for having the privilege of not having to mix with such oafs (I say that as a part time oaf).
Sugar and the "Noble" Lord Fondlebum hahahahahahh.
Sugar should be selling damaged pottery in a Bethnall Green market.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

Yes I mispelt Bethnal
Told you that I was an oaf (+:

Guido Fawkes said...