Thursday, 13 August 2009

Emperor's New Clothes

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
The first crack has appeared in the great big dam of alarmist, tax-raising, make-believe claptrap that is the New Religion of anthropogenic global warming.
The diggers, gawd bless 'em, have had a look at 'cap and trade' legislation (aka Bleed You Dry Whilst Scaring You Rigid) and told the Aussie government to boil their heads.
Delingpole exults here. One digger parliamentarian, Senator Fielding, decided to take a little time to reach his own conclusion on empirical evidence, rather than be pressganged into the fashionable 21st Century consensus. He said:
“Until recently I, like most Australians, simply accepted without question the notion that global warming was a result of increased carbon emissions. However, after speaking to a cross-section of noted scientists, including Ian Plimer… I quickly began to understand that the science on this issue was by no means conclusive….As a federal senator, I would be derelict in my duty to the Australian people if I did not even consider whether or not the scientific assumptions underpinning this debate were in fact correct.”
Another ocker Oz MP put it thus: "It is a dog of a plan".
Idle advanced the Plimer view last month. I am delighted he is being listened to by some of his countrymen.
It is too early to forecast an end to this pestilential mumbo-jumbo, but we can at least ask our politicians to acknowledge that there is some corner of the English-Speaking World that has dissented from the orthodoxy, and invite their comments.
Plucky little Oz! It's almost a pleasure to be making a gift of the Ashes to you.


Bill Quango MP said...


Elby the Beserk said...

Never mind "heretic", Monbiot now uses the terms "denialist" and "denialogue". Gather he is set for a one to one with Mr. Plimer.

Got to hand it to the Ozzies & their parliamentary procedures; when it was decided to support the Iraq Oil Grab, one of their members called the governing party a

"Conga line of suck holes".

Time Dave started talking like that eh?

Bill Quango MP said...

There was a talkback on BBc news the other night where the interviewer laid into Green peace and its scaremongering claims.
It was very good and pulled no punches. The Green peace guy refused to admit that saying Greenland would be free of ice by 2030 was a lie.
The interviewer repeatedly pressed him, pulled up conflicting comments from other groups and scientists and then said .. "Greenland has been ice covered for 100's of 1,000's of years. It has never been free of ice. The Ice cores prove that. Why do you say it will? Surely this just damages your credibility?"

See if you can iplayer it.

Thud said...

I'm a happy Catholic and in no need of another religion,,,the church of global warming is rather lacking in bells and smells for me.

Scrobs... said...

Too bloody right!

Globule warmering has become a money cow for far too many of the wrong sorts of people i.e. politicians and do-gooding nobodies.

They thrive on it, sorry, we pay them to do it...

Metody Jankowiak said...

Dear Sirs,

To be most careful in your thoughts and words. Wery important to remember example of the British writer David Irving specializer in the military history of World War II. On a wisit to Austria, he were apprehended, tried and conwicted of Holocaust denial, which is crime in Austria under Verbotsgesetz law.
No matters if Irving looney twat or no, he was conwicted of thought crime no?
Metody wonder if Irving locked up for denial, what Metody do as such to just get fine? Maybe question dates?
As everyone must not think to deny as is crime, Metody would like to have on record that he believe in holocaust.
Wait no... Metody not believe in holocaust as in Metody believe in free education treatment for all. Metody mean he believe that Germans want to kill jews.
Metody not so good with English he thinks.

Metody Jankowiak said...

... Maybe is why Jew is so liking to kick Palestinian small boy and such. As in Hrádek willich when Dodek Dudek was caught kicking pig, social worker say was because he too was kicked as small boy by his uncle Faslo.
People at court believe this story and Dodek Dudek get off, but he still kick pig! Some say he do this cause he is just straight forward bastard.

electro-kevin said...

Aussies can be racialist, misogynistic and now 'denialist' and every one loves them for it. How do they get away with it ???

Lucky bastards.

Global warming is the new communism. It has the same ends - controlling what another person can do and what they can consume. The most direct way of doing this is to limit the size of a wheelie bin load.

At the top of our hill is the biggest new mansion you have seen in your life. It has two wings - a view over looking the town. I've heard it has a ginormous indoor swimming pool as well as the one outdoors.

The business of the owner ?

You guessed it. Recycling.

Where there's brass there's muck.

idle said...

Your comments are greatly appreciated, Metody. The Polish view is always worth hearing.