Saturday, 27 June 2009


1. A "Rock Dinosaur" is a musician who was very good (or very well known) at least thirty years ago, and who still can do the business now on a big enough stage. It helps if you look like a dinosaur, in the manner of a Keith Richards or an Alice Cooper.
I watched the great Neil Young's gig at Glastonbury last night, and it strikes me that he is now the equal of Keef on dinosaur looks. And the endless Keep on Rocking in the Free World (I think there were 5 fake endings, each time suddenly bursting into another raucus chorus), was just fab. I'm sorry I'm not going to see him live this summer. I walked the idle dog to After the Gold Rush this morning. Pleasure.

2. Guido flags up yet another Gordon-plays-Father-Christmas lunacy. Read Delingpole's piece on the Waxman-Markey climate change bill going through Congress as well. Completely fucking batty. I had a long chat with a member of Parliament yesterday, and I asked him if he had ever seen Gordon behaving in a normal manner privately. He said not; he said the impression the public has of Brown is as close to the real thing as it is possible to get. Remember that the next time JK Rowling tells you he is the life and soul of the party and a kind sensitive loving type behind the 'unfair' media image.

3. Teenage sporting hero and shagger extraordinaire Boris Becker was giving his thoughts to the adoring spinster Sue Barker on the telly just now. It struck me, not just what a nice chap he is (I have long thought so), but that he might be my favourite German. Or am I overlooking some other candidates? Surely there is a long list of boxheads, sausage-noshers, Boche and krauts that spring to mind. Who else might qualify?

While you ponder Neil Young, imminent global disaster and Boris' fellow Germans, I am off to play cricket in this Mediterranean heat.


lilith said...

This will clear the ear wax...

idle said...

Nice one, lil.

Bit I'll see your Southern Man and raise you a sweet Home Alabama:

"Well I heard mister Young sing about her
Well, I heard ole Neil put her down
Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
A Southern man don't need him around anyhow"

Scrobs... said...

With you on Neil Young - aging...?

Can't think of Glastonbury without this.

lilith said... which Mr Young rests his case, Idle :-)

But you got me thinking about good things done with that riff, such as this or even, more tenuously, this.....

Philipa said...

Yeah yeah well I saw CS&N and thought, sadly, they were past it. I always fancied the little fat one. Four way street is still their best album. Neil young? Best track was definitely this one. I like Neil Youngs stuff.


You want to clear the earwax? Oh dear, Aerosmith and 'walk this way' is good, but to rev your engine and get to wanting that throb between your legs, it's got to be spiderbait:

(she's from Birmingham, without an Alabam)

Sadly Youtube's pulled the vid in the UK. Bastards.

Well f-- me, I can feeeel the bends on the A44 when I listen to this. Those beautiful curves. Yeah. Time for the Bulldog soon isn't it? If they don't ban it. I should post on that with piccies.

Philipa said...
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Philipa said...
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Philipa said...

PS: can I just remind folks of Reef. I danced my ass off to this album. And of course there was Greenday at the popelfest, Belgium. Fave track of theirs is, of course, this one.

Not exactly Rock dinos but good. For the ultimate Rock Dino, it has to be: this

When Mr Page plays his instrument my pants moisten.

(and hurrah my links finally appeared)

idle said...

What wonderful taste you girls have. Of course, I'm not surprised; anyone who hangs around this blog displays rare sense and perspicacity, and I'm not just saying that because Commander and Mrs Idle visited the idle manor this evening, and we consumed whiskies and sodas followed by Brunello of stunning Tuscan flavour and depth (in quantity).

Idle writes this still in his cricket flannels, having played (and lost) a crunch local derby today but was awarded the 'champagne moment' for a one-handed, full length dive boundary catch at third man which will be talked about for many months, if not years.

Strangely, hurling 14 stone at full tilt and landing on a bone dry outfield has apparently taken no toll at all on this 47 year old body, but I dare say that tomorrow morning will tell a different story.

I even managed to catch some of Blur's headline gig at Glastonbury on the box, which has excited me further because I am taking the elder idle daughter to Hyde Park on Thursday for her first grown-up gig. I do love Blur.

A sublime day for your happy correspondent.

lilith said...

I hope you are not all bruised this morning Idle.

Elby announced after watching the Neil Young at Glasto "I want to be Neil Young when I grow up"....

Philipa said...

Wow! Nothing to dent the image there, Idle. I too hope you're not bruised. And I will refrain from posting comments when trying to deaden the pain with a cheeky little vintage. Hope you enjoy the heatwave this week.