Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Ask The Ones Who Voted BNP

The post-mortem on the two BNP MEPs' success, and the access they now have to great pools of taxpayers' cash (the Telegraph suggested £4m over the four-year period of this EU parliament) threatens to become the main source of liberal angst for the time being. No bad thing, as the man-made global warming guff is sooooo yesterday (or tomorrow, or next year, or 2020).
Me? I think it's a good thing, on balance. This is not because I am a racist or a Hitler admirer or a xenophobe. It is because the endless triangulation of policy by the three main parties had led us into a cul-de-sac of effete liberal consensus on immigration and multi culturalism. This was an airless place in need of a damn good blast of fresh air. I hesitate to suggest that the rank mixture of BO and Lynx anti-perspirant from Griffin and his mates is fresh air, but it will have the same effect.
The left's response has been completely predictable, with a bunch calling themselves the UAF hitting the media sofas and emoting about the potential "normalisation" of the BNP in British politics. There will be a great deal of airtime gobbled up by Sonia Earnest asking Gregory Angst about the reasons for this, and vice versa.
Waste of time. What they need to do is to undertake the difficult, unpleasant, and potentially dangerous task of interviewing the many thousands of people who voted BNP, and find out why. Some, doubtless, will be Nazis, like the charming man above (thanks for the pic, Thud). Others will be flippant protest-voters. Still more will be anarchists.
But the majority, I estimate, will be standard British salt-of-the-earth: in other words, mildly racist, but not offensively so; champions of British-is-Best, even if a lot of it is pants; buggered if they understand why economic migrants get away with this asylum racket, and get all those flats and houses and healthcare and benefits and, unsatisfied with that, want to be productive and take our bloody jobs as well! Normal British working class, in other words. No wonder the middle class politician hasn't a clue about them.
New Labour is trying to find out what went wrong on Thursday, and soon the penny will drop that it was THEIR splendid ex-voters who trooped into the BNP lobby. Of course there will be a few far-right folk in there as well, but any analysis of BNP policy will tell you that it is designed for racist socialists.
So let's find out what the hopes and fears of the 1 million people who voted BNP really are, and see if we want to address them. If you don't ask them, you run the risk of getting your information from Nick Griffin and his Lieutenants, which is not advisable if you seek the truth.
Wannabe polemicist James Delingpole, who is a bit hit-and-miss, is mostly 'hit' with his blog on this. And amusing about the achingly centrist types who have dominated the thought process of our main parties for too long.


electro-kevin said...

By far the best written on this issue. Well done, Idle. You understand us working class more than we do ourselves.

rvi said...

I think in simple terms this is the English beginning to say (so far peacefully) "We Want Our Country Back" and one way or another we are going to get it.

Tuscan Tony said...

Well said, idle.

incidentally I'll keep a copy of that pic of Thud if I may, to help recognise him in Lucca this September.

Thud said...

I have mild and bitter tatooed on the front if that helps although as I attempt the mighty rise from working class I am thinking of going with pinot and cab.

lilith said...

Yes Idle. My recent understanding is that all that needs to happen is for a black person to apply for a job/help from his MEP and be refused. Then the "whites only" policy can be challenged as you can't have a whites only/blacks only policy when you are providing a (public) service. Someone will take them to court and win, perhaps the Fake Sheikh.

lilith said...

They are not a legal entity, but it needs a challenge to prove it.

Scrobs... said...

Good statement Iders.

They won't ask them properly of course, except in ways to make the voter uncomfortable.

BTW, when will Andy Burnham leave school?

Bill Quango MP said...

Very Interesting. real debate should be sparked.

Andy Burnham is Melvyn Hayes.

He ain't half shit mum.

Philipa said...


I read that nationalist parties did well across europe.

I do think that the term 'racist' has become devalued. I agree with that argument. It's so easy to be labelled a racist nowadays the term has all but lost it's meaning. So people aren't being put off the BNP because of it's alleged racist agenda. They just want a party to listen to the concerns of the working class.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Well written, Sir, if I may say so.

Rantin Rab has some pieces from BNP voters over at his place e.g.,

"I voted BNP and I'm very pleased that they have won two seats. Being in the Yorkshire and Humber, I am pleased that my vote has for once counted. Despite thoughts of many, especially media who are supposed to be impartial, I am not racist nor condone racism. I do however agree with 90% of the BNP's policies which I cannot say about the other parties. The country has become a laughing stock and an easy free ride for people who come into the country with nothing. The ordinary person is ignored and what's more I do not see why we cannot celebrate St Georges day in case we offend others. It's part of our country's heritage."

My vote has, for once, counted. The mainstreamers forget this, I think, at their peril.

Once the bleeding hearts start on the analysis, I think they will push more people to vote BNP.