Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A Dick and a (van) Dyke

Chin chinniny chin chinniny
Chin chin cheroo
Gordon's got three
And Jacqui's got two
Chin chinniny chin chinniny
Chin chin chereek
The free pies allowance is
One hundred a week

Chin chinniny chin chinniny
Chin chin cherown..........
.......Bad luck comes your way
When you shakes 'ands with Brown


Thud said...

It's becoming a pleasure to watch the news nowadays.

lilith said...

Wow. Those is some chins. If the taxpayer wanted chins from their government I would say we are quids in.

Scrobs... said...

Ha ha ha!

Dumpy, waddling, fat politicians looking pasty and very, very worried!

Let's hope some more will fall on their 'pork' swords, if they haven't had enough of that already.

Marvellous stuff.

And I really mean 'stuffing' the rest of us while they pretend to be in charge.

But 'Porking' is much funnier...

North Northwester said...

It's like Dracula - you can hit the swine with everything you've got but he just won't stay down.

Bill Quango MP said...

Hey! You have pinched my finale video slide!

Never mind, the music is the main thing.
It could have been written for
Our Jacqui.

Philipa said...

Twas her husband what done her in. Just what is she explaining to Broon with that expression??

I think if these people had done their jobs with any integrity we wouldn't be focusing on their signs of ageing. But in living off the fat of the land they've been robbing those that can least afford it and the thing is that it hasn't stopped. Has it?

And though she's leaving office she's not leaving politics yet. Is she? I don't think Kirkbride will have much say in the matter but she's still on the gravy train, even though it's not quite silver service.

rvi said...

Five chins required for consideration as an MP:


and us


Anonymous said...

Morning Idle, Farqs here

Hazel Blears is going!!!

Joy unconfined :)