Friday, 15 August 2008

Lunatic Health Fascist Californian Gets Fisking

The Filthy Smoker has written a foul-mouthed rant of the highest order over at The Devil's Kitchen. He fisks a man called Bernard Parks.

This Californian politician halfwit advocates banning smoking anywhere "where there is an expectation that people might be present". That's anywhere, then. If you mean to prohibit smoking completely, articulate the argument, Adolf. Secondhand smoke, regardless of its dilution in the air, is the greatest killer out there, he reckons.

My bet is that some public-spirited American will choose not to shoot himself, but shoot Parks instead.


Lilith said...

What a loon. I wish I could give up.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Bill Clinton was a cigar enthusiast
It didnt do him any harm did it?

idle said...

The lady idle encouraged me to revert to rollies a few years ago - encouraged, that is, with a glare that could freeze the marrow of Begal tiger at three furlongs - and I have been a happy low-intensity smoker ever since. Such a better smoke than a tailored stogie, and saves enough each month to buy several good cases of claret.

But gosh, do I get pestered to roll smokes for "non smokers" at dinner parties....

Lilith said...

Oh yes, Idle, gotta roll your own!
Tailor mades make one smell really bad.

Scroblene said...

You would probably guess (note 'early elderly' and 'fart' somewhere) that I smoked a pipe for about twenty years... well, my Dad did, and actually, I really did prefer it to fags!

The best baccy was Ogden's Gold Block, which (as a waggish chum told me), really meant Millionaire's Shag - because of the word 'Gold', and 'block' which I think came out of a rugby song and meant 'bonk'! It was also the most expensive you could get in most corner shops, and smelt and tasted fabulous.

I stopped because I had an enormous hangover one Monday morning, and really could face absolutely nothing by mouth - it was that bad...I made Mrs S do the same , (well mentioned that I'd had such a blasted day), and so did she - packed up; just like that!

We bought a computer and went on holiday with the Daughts on the proceeds, which is more than I could actually do now, until we sell the bloody business that is...

Roll-ups you they still make 'Hearts of Oak...'?

BEAST said...

Would these"rollies" be the type favoured by our colonial friends?

Sadly for The Beast I am currently trapped in the office with nothing more than 1/3 of a bottle of Cab Merlot that the bog trotter obviously looted from a minibar or aircraft.

idle said...

Don't tell the local press when idle wins a seat at Westminster for the No Nonsense party, beast, but I have undertaken research into the type of rollie favoured by the dominions.

Nowadays, barely ever. Plays havoc with the hiatus hernia.

electro-kevin said...

I'm a non-smoker. Never having been a smoker (except the odd cigar or pipe)

I think the ban has gone way over the top.

Hope the bastard chokes on it.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Mrs Killem decided that we would stop smoking. I've been on patches for three years.

They are NOT working, and I am gagging for a cigar, and have been for the past three years.

I just happen to like cigars.

She simply stopped.

The cow.

idle said...

I spent the last year working alongside an 80 year old Persian economist, attending to the whims of a plutocratic billionaire. The Persian, brought up on a steady diet of 60 a day, reverted to nicotine chewing gum about ten years ago and now spends much more on the wretched gum as he would on smokes, allowing for a modest reduction to two packs a day.

He hated my facility for having a couple of fags at lunch, and then not again until the evening.

Stay away from those cigars, killem. You will inhale them and turn yellow.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Try snuff, it gives you 5 times the nicotine hit, sadly it makes your hankie look as if you have had a case of the squits and had to use it as an emergency wipe.
Another advantage is that it is untaxed other than VAT. There is an excellent shop on Charing Cross rd that sells many varieties.
Ive never been a smoker, but a pinch of snuff can be a pleasent thing.