Thursday, 7 August 2008

Brown, Up to his Neck in Sith

You've got to hand it to Guido. My old workmate smelt a rat earlier than anyone, went at it like a terrier, and has won.


Tuscan Tony said...

in case you missed it on my Guido comment. What a tule.

The Lakelander said...

I hadn't read that article on the Ministry of Truth (ho-ho) blog, but the comments that were added from the 7th of August are worth reading.

They don't like it up 'em, do they?

electro-kevin said...


Movers and shakers - incredible to behold them from up close(ish)

idle said...

The man from the Ministry thinks he knows best, as usual.

What a dreadful shower this lot is. I don't much like Cameron, but I do think he is honest. He will have the chance in two years to clean up public life and chnage the culture of public servants. I wonder if he has the balls to take this chance.

Tuscan Tony said...

idle - hear hear.