Saturday, 30 May 2009

Britain's Got WHAT?

I promise you, I would not have watched had it not been for the idle girls being home for half term, but I'm afraid to say I did watch it, in all it's compelling awfulness.

I suppose that a small bit of me hoped that a show called Britain's Got Talent might just uncover our next Ronnie Barker, John Betjeman, Bryn Terfel, Ray Davies, Gerald Scarfe, David Gilmour or David Gower.

I was obviously misled by the title.
I'll tell you what Britain's got - what it deserves. But I hope the last act, a saxophonist with a soulful way of playing, gets the moolah. He held the last note for a good minute.
Update later for those without access to this circus of philistines.
UPDATE: Thousands of William Hill employees called in and averted what would have sunk the company, had Susan Boyle won. She's the one with the voice of a reasonable music hall understudy, and the body of a Trabant. A group of well-drilled modern dancers scooped the pot. As variety acts go, they at least provided variety. My Saxophonist made the podium. Ant (coulda been Dec) said that the evening was unforgettable. Try me tomorrow on that one.


Anonymous said...

Evening Idle...Farqs here!

I am in the same boat as you, with the Farqs progeny home!
I had you marked down as a Stavros Flatly man!!!!

PS I have backed them at 9.8 on Betfair to win. Is this a sign of a gambling problem?!

Anonymous said...

Having now watched the result (with youngest Miss Idle and Miss Farqs 2 on Facebook exchanging opinions!) I can't help but think that a very talented group who have made the most of their abilities got their just reward from Mr & Mrs Joe Public.

idle said...

Generous of you, farqs. The result went down well in this gaff. Susan Boyle apparently went apeshit in her Drop-In Centre during the week and reverted to Scots Lowland type. This, I'm told, was reported in the tabloid press, and lost her crucial votes.

Thud said...

young black chappies there is something you don't see often.

electro-kevin said...

Great post though I'm more alarmed at The Apprentice.

My God ! Are they really Britain's best ???

What it boils down to is a test of spivvery and blame-shifting.

And from watching this I really don't think that S'ralan is such a good judge of character nowadays. Luckily the coterie around him have kept their wits in advancement of years.

electro-kevin said...

Thud said:

"young black chappies there is something you don't see often."

A judiciously thrown basket ball would have swung it for Boyle.

Vinogirl said...

Can you believe this was the top news story on Yahoo? Zzzzzz.

lilith said...

The dance troupe could have picked a better name...what was wrong with Outreach Coordinators or Common Purpose?

idle said...

I am addicted to the Apprentice, e-k, and a post will follow in due course.

Lil makes a good point which I also noted - were this dance troupe given their name by a government approved body?

Within The Rules would have been another apt name.

Anonymous said...

I've done my best to avoid early Saturday evening television since I was a became a byword for all that makes you ashamed to be British and plumbed the depths whenever Michael Barrymore was on.

I used to enjoy The Apprentice but now I watch this pantomime portrayal of the world of business and just hope that a natural disaster of some sort kills them all.

electro-kevin said...

I've just had a look at the Diversity dance routine and I have to admit ...

... worthy winners. But a measure of the fact that Britain has changed much.

And shouldn't it be:

Britain Has Talent ?

(Not: Britain Has Got Talent)

Scrobs... said...

The street dance chappies will arrive at oblivion in just a few days; who really cares about them?

Ms Boyle has achieved what she wanted, despite Cowell and his appalling bunch of cronies.

And I went to sleep long before it all happened; you should try it Iders!

Philipa said...

Didn't watch it.

So glad :-))

idle said...

Going to sleep before 9pm is for children and postmen, scrobs.

If I have an appointment before 8am, I usually stay up for it.