Sunday, 10 May 2009

Idle's Sunday Sermon

Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone (John, ch 8 v 7)

Brown hasn't fired the cheating cow who claimed the dry rot treatment on her holiday home, 110 miles from both Westminster AND her constituency.

But we were hardly expecting him to, were we? After all Jacqui Smith remains not just a government minister, but Home Secretary. Brown doesn't believe in sacking people, as he thinks it weakens him. (No, you great greasy numpty, not sacking them makes you look weak!)

And Cameron has not, so far, removed the whip from James Gray, who gets all of us to pay for his Remembrance Day wreaths, while he gets the kudos of placing them in front of his local dignitaries. Worse still he whined that he had "got away with it in the past" when the fees office refused to pay the last claim. Where does this leave Cameron? I notice Liam Fox was warning folk not to overreact about this expenses thing on the telly this morning.

Truly, we appear to be in a situation where no one will cast a stone because they are all, to a man, up to their oxters in it.

I fear that, because they are ALL at it, to some extent if not to the limit, that no-one will hang for this. Safety in numbers and all that; if there was only one of them, HE'D have a problem, but because there are 650 of the cheating swine, plus selected noble lords, WE'VE got a problem.



Philipa said...

It's the system.

And while people say that's a cop-out you've got a bunch of people writing their own rules about their legal ability to take tax payers money. It takes a lot of courage for the lesser folk to stand up to the more powerful folk and tell them the Emperor has no clothes and that their effective boss is a swindler. I'm not saying they shouldn't and I'm just the kind of sap who would. But then I'm not the kind of person who would do well in politics today. QED.

Anonymous said...

In any organisation I know of, people would be thrown out or sacked for just a fraction of the fiddling that has become endemic in the Houses of Parliament.

The defence "it's within the rules" does not hold water.

These are people who are expected to have moral standards that stop them from claiming everything they can get away with.

Alas, it seems that too many have the morals of a sewer rat.

Philipa said...

"These are people who are expected to have moral standards that stop them from claiming everything they can get away with."

Are they really? Bliar took us into an illegal war and was never impeached. He lied and lied and there has been instances of sleaze and spin on both sides of the House but it blows over and they keep office. This could blow over and they could keep office because no-one expects a politician to be honest nowadays. And nothing is done to remove them from office.

IMHO this is the best thing that could happen. Maybe it will actually get rid of the pigs and provide a wake-up call for the rest. But I doubt it.