Friday, 15 May 2009

Bonnie & Clyde

May they meet the same fate.

Doubtless this will be the topic du jour on the 'sphere, but idle has matters of the turf to attend to.

And matters of Grand Vin to attend to as well. Proper idle behaviour.

Anyway, this is a caption competition. What is the lovely Yvette saying to the svelte Ed?

Usual prizes.


Philipa said...

Ah Bonnie and Clyde, I heard about them on R4 the other morning - a sad tale made sensational by the media when really they were just very poor and inept petty thieves. Clyde grew up sleeping under a wagon as a child and learned to steal food as they had none. He was jailed and repeatedly raped by a guard. He cut his own toes off to avoid being put into a situation. His first murder was to kill the guard. But people in the depression in America needed an anti-establishment hero. And there is nothing more exciting and romantic than dying together in a hail of bullets it seems.

So, Yvette to Ed. As I don't think they will give a stuff about the expenses frenzy and like many others will keep schtum until it blows over I think she might be saying this:

'So you'll fax me my orgasm?' Flipping hell, so weak!

chronic said...

Mr Balls"Gordon says if you give him a blow job he will let me be PM"
Yvette "Gordon says if you give him a blow job he will let me be PM"

Bill Quango MP said...

"One of us has to own up and take the hit.One of has to sacrifice their political prospects to save a loved one. You or me babe. Let's face it Yvette. It is going to be you."

apricotfox said...

'No,you!' 'No, YOU'' 'NO, YOU!' ad inf.....

Tuscan Tony said...

"Your place or your place or your place?"

"Well, I was thinking my place or my place or my place."

grumpy grandad said...

NO! I'll go through it one more time. Now listen!

a is for account
b is for bribe
c is for claim
d is for deposit
e is for expenses
f is for fiddle
g is for grab
h is for high-life
i is for income

etc etc