Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Wootton Bassett Conundrum

The ordinary folk of the Wiltshire town who have behaved in such an extraordinary way and with such dignity over these last few grisly years have a problem on their hands.

It would be quite out of character for them to herd the idiotic islamics, assorted peaceniks and their fellow travellers into the Tesco carpark and beat them up, as they deserve. And I am sure the good Wootton Bassett residents will ensure this does not happen. Quiet words with the headstrong young may be needed, though.

Equally, it doesn't seem right for ANY quiet country town to be invaded by a crowd of disaffected urban beards and troublemakers, despoiling the thoroughfare and chanting inflammatory and hoonish utterances, as they so love to do. Particularly a country town which has proved so splendidly that we don't need to go all aftermath-of-Princess-Diana when we wish to register our grief and respect.

So what's the answer?

Is it at all possible that all media will choose to ignore this, to let it go unrecorded? Not even worth posing the question, of course.

Might plod be encouraged to give the demonstrators an upfront bill (always unfeasibly large) for policing the event? At least so the cost of the awayday from Crawley and Oldham and Leicester will be more than just the coach trip and a Wagonwheel.

The best display of sang froid and Britishness (that's OUR type of Britishness, Mr Choudary, not yours) would be to let the buggers exercise their right to peaceful assembly. But somehow that would grate; after all, our excessive tolerance has certainly cost lives and has disfigured the 'culture' of Britain for evermore. Would subsequent repatriations at Wootton Bassett somehow be different, and not in a better way?

Something must be done. Or nothing. But what?


Anonymous said...

Let them assemble and everyone ignore them - townspeople, shopkeepers and residents go about their daily business as if they don't exist. Or better yet, everyone that lives in Wooten Bassett leaves for the day! If the media make a fuss over them, so be it. No reaction, no acknowledgement.

In Texas we would definitely beat them up.

Happy New Year.

Blue Eyes said...

I was going to say what Anon said. The locals should stay indoors and say nothing. That way if any trouble kicks off it can in no way be blamed on anti-Islamic people.

This issue highlights the single biggest problem of "multiculturalism": that a significant number of people just do not understand the culture of the country they are living in. If they did they would understand that we are not in Afghanistan because of its Muslimness or because of our Christianness.

lilith said...

Can't they be arrested for insulting public decency or some such?

It was moderate muslims who put a stop to his Oct 31st Sharia demo outside parliament. More of that please.

Thud said...

I'm afraid I may be letting the side down, my Britishness requires me to wish harm upon those who would embark upon such an endeavour.Without relying upon the football thug EDL I would prefer the mighty mo's warriors recieved a good kicking, a process that shamefuly has served me well in life (both giving and upon occasion recieving).

El-Kevo said...

No decent Muslim would do this.

So let the indecent Muslims go ahead. And let's not be ashamed of the consequences. Sometimes a backlash is appropriate.

This would also be a good an timely test of the relationship between the police and the majority of the British public.

Anonymous said...

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Scrobs... said...

How about inviting all their 'elected' MPs and local councillors to join them?

Publish a list of the invitees, then publish the feeble excuses for non-appearance afterwards...

Most 'politicians' are hated by the public anyway, and real anger at their cowardice can be displayed without a shot being fired!

Philipa said...

You can't have one rule for one and another rule for others - complaining when freedoms don't suit is no good. The answer was to not let them in in the first place. Or at least not in such numbers as to cause these probs. Bit late now. England as we remember it is just that - a memory.

I like Anons suggestion but I fear that they might count that a win. Rather than stay indoors I think residents might spontaneously all decide to water their lawns/cars/spillage on the car parks. If they accidentally sprayed a protest with water then they can't be criticised. Especially if they all washed their cars for charity or as a protest against fluride in the water or something. I mean, there is a lot of salt on the road at the moment anyway. If one group can protest then why can't the other?

No one likes a drenching, especially in January.

idle said...

Texan anon - happy new year. I think I know you. And blue agrees with you, which is a feather in any bugger's cap.

Thud, you can take the boy out of Liverpool, etc.

I know the answer to the test about the relationship between plod and mein herr on the strasse, kev.

Anon from china, the gist seems to be 520 of you lining up for sex with the laird of this blog. Good show.

Scrobs, I fear you suggest too much coverage.

Pip, an ice shower for an utter shower - my avatar would approve.

Trubes said...

I think the Military should suround Wootton Basset with a platoon of The Royal Artillery and maybe throw a few tanks in too...
That should keep the buggers out!

Philipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Philipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bill Quango MP said...

I think a possible solution is at hand.
The good people of the village visit the wool shop and knit themselves some spectacularly bad beards.
Monty Python efforts, multi coloured ones, ankle length ones mutton chops, French forks etc.

Then, avail themselves of the local ironmonger and hardware store and purchase placard making equipment.

On the big day, the villagers join the procession, declaring their belief in Mr Choudary's vision of Islam and march along, waving their placards and banging drums and gongs and declaring death to America - death to Finland - death to Mexico. Then onto religions - death to Buddhists, death to Scientologists, death to Hare Krishnas and Seventh-day Adventists. Start a chant of enslave all women, massacre Jews, castrate gays, behead unbelievers and any other parts of the protesters beliefs that feel deserve to be aired.

The entire village must tag along proclaiming Mr Choudary a true prophet and agreeing loudly and vehemently with every utterance he makes. The vicar needs a similar megaphone to the nutters and echoes loudly every sentiment. Going even further if possible. 'I agree! Death to the western military industrial complex and to anyone who washes their robes in any biological western influenced detergent!"
All the while the villagers must not so secretly swig beers under their beards and calling out villagey greetings to one another for the cameras and talk to the media in a carnival atmosphere.

"Oi think that mr Choudry is a great prawfet of ar time and speaks for the people of Britain. He is in no way a total moonba' Hoon, despite arl appearances. Oi converted just this mornin' having read his waab page. Its compellin'. I said to ol' Fred , 'av a look at this Fred. 'An e converted on tha' spot. Roight - 'scuse me BBC. Got to go 'an burn up some gays like the almighty fool 'ere says. Stick abowt tho'.We've got the flogging and hand chawpping floats coming soon "

Savonarola said...

Let them march/demonstrate. This is a free country(just).

The radical Islamist is not our problem. Until and unless so called moderate Muslims deal with the problem, it will be the elephant in our room. Damaging to us, yes but not as damaging to Islam itself. Eventually the Muslims who sit on the sidelines will have to make a choice.

They should be put on the spot.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Your blog has upped several gears! What a great read. It seems that the UK Islamic fundamentalists are doing to our boys what the ludicrous Westboro Baptist Church is doing to those poor families of dead soldiers in the US.

I think they should let the Islamicists march to Wootton Bassett, but accidentally change the road signs so that they end up in a place not dissimilar to Royston Vasey... a local village, for local people.

They will never be seen again, outside of a halal meat pie.

idle said...

The Mermaid is back! Prodigal piscean daughter or what?

And she starts off with a great one-liner:

"They will never be seen again, outside of a halal meat pie."

Welcome back, merms. I suppose I had better head over to Moorgate and see if your output is more frequent nowadays.

circus monkey said...

The simple expedient of making sure that the "usual suspects" behind the trouble never picked up another penny of benefit might work wonders. You don't have much time to make trouble when you are scrabbling around trying to make a living.

The Lakelander said...

There is no right of assembly in the UK (I think that means more than 3 people, though I may be wrong.)

Any march or demonstration can be stopped by the local Chief Constable if he or she believes that it could create a danger to the public.

Even a march by the local Scout Troop can be banned for this reason.

I think that the last thing the good people of Wootton Bassett want is a stand off between these nutters and the BNP.

And our brave boys and girls who have come home via Wootton Bassett deserve better as well.

William Gruff said...

Career plod hasn't the balls to stand up to Moslems.

Tuscan Tony said...

The Quango plan best appeals to the Tuscan instinct for fun.

El-Kevo said...

Round of applause for BQ !

T. P. Fuller said...

The mod­ern age is made deeply per­plex­ing in some ways by mul­ti­cul­tur­al­ism. Imag­ine if you will being in Lon­don in 1915; imag­ine wit­ness­ing a parade by eth­nic Ger­mans crit­i­cis­ing the British army for fight­ing the Kaiser; imag­ine protests at the killing of Ger­man sol­diers and civil­ians. An odd image you’ll agree. And yet we are in that posi­tion now it seems: Mus­lim activists are propos­ing to under­take a protest march in Woot­ton Bas­sett (who’s sig­nif­i­cance is that it is near RAF Lyne­ham in Wilt­shire where the bod­ies of the fallen are returned by the RAF). The shock­ing thing is that not only will they be crit­i­cis­ing the war, but also crit­i­cis­ing the laud­ing of British sol­diers who fell dur­ing the fighting.

Many of us would agree with the for­mer protest. The Iraq & Afghan wars are per­ceived by many as point­less, or even dan­ger­ously destruc­tive; wars whose only pur­pose is to allow self-deluding British politi­cians with large egos to play with big boys and kid them­selves they mat­ter a damn.

Where, for many, they cross the line is to besmirch the mem­o­ries of the fallen. I sus­pects I am not alone in draw­ing a firm dis­tinc­tion between the acts of politi­cians in start­ing a war and the poor infantry in pros­e­cut­ing it. To be sim­plis­tic, the politi­cians are slimy manip­u­la­tive scum and our squad­dies are unques­tioned types who deserve our unqual­i­fied sup­port in doing the unpleasant bit of wars. Obvi­ously it’s more com­plex than that: many politi­cians are decent and prin­ci­pled; and war-crimes against civil­ians are com­mit­ted by a small num­ber British troops who can’t merely be dis­missed glibly as “a few bad apples”.

Nonethe­less, one gives, nigh-on, unqual­i­fied sup­port to the troops. Which made the reac­tion to the premise of the march one of out­raged indig­na­tion and deep offence. Attack the war yes; attack our politi­cians? here — have a rock to throw; but attack the soldiers? Perhaps not.

A chum, ex-army offi­cer & prospec­tive lawyer, tells that ex-soldiers on Face­book are suf­fi­ciently unim­pressed that they have sug­gested dri­ving down to the protest march to make their feel­ings known. Calmer heads are sug­gest­ing that com­mon sense on all sides is the order of the day. Per­haps the police should ban the march on pub­lic order grounds, or the marcher should be per­suaded to be less provoca­tive and con­fine their invec­tive to the politicians.

And yet.

T. P. Fuller said...

What of free speech? Real free speech. The speech we hate, rather than the speech we con­sider accept­able. As my old chum said t'other day at the four ale bar: “What did these guys die for if not free speech?” One of the issues that causes rad­i­cal­i­sa­tion of young Mus­lims is the unequal treat­ment they per­ceive them­selves to receive in this ‘mul­ti­cul­tural’ soci­ety: this may be real or imag­ined. What they do see is dozens of mus­lim civil­ians slaugh­tered by Black­wa­ter mur­der­ers, who are then acquit­ted. They see one hun­dred thou­sands Mus­lims killed with noth­ing but croc­o­dile tears shed by the politi­cians and modern-day ‘Cru­saders’, as they put it, of the British army. They may be entirely wrong about this or they may be entirely right. But what they should be able to do is to protest and to make these claims.

Of course doing it in a mil­i­tary town is provoca­tive and some say “Use a lit­tle com­mon sense”. But what is ‘com­mon sense’? And why should one not be ‘provoca­tive’? Should the protest be arranged to hap­pen in the mid­dle of nowhere so no-one will see? What’d be the point of that? And if one is mak­ing the point they wish to make, why not make it directly to exactly the peo­ple who are doing what causes one offence? Aren’t they the best peo­ple to receive the protest?

As a nation we’ve seen this repeat­edly in the March­ing Sea­son in North­ern Ire­land, for exam­ple, and it is fre­quently a bloody expen­sive and tire­some busi­ness. It’s also the price of democ­racy. All that aside one imag­ines that the local police will find a com­pelling rea­son to block the parade.

William Gruff said...

T P Fuller:

The 'price of democracy' my fucking arse!

'It's' the penalty we must pay for a policy of unrestricted immigration coupled with an autocratically imposed, socially destructive regime of 'multiculturalism'.

Our democracy was not won and preserved by respecting those who detest all we hold dear and live only to destroy us. Those murdering scum have no right to express themselves here.