Tuesday, 12 January 2010

It Was Idle Wot Won It

This geezer is now officially persona non bleedin grata, at least in his capacity as leader of Beards4Us, or whatever he calls his cell. And it was obviously idle wot banned 'em.
You see, idle led with the story the moment it broke on 2 Jan. After a while, on 6 Jan, that opinionated , quite-often-bang-on-the-money old Today editor leftie, Rod Liddle, joined in. Liddle reads idle (he is, after all, idle plus an L and a D), and went to town on brother Anjem. He calls him "one of those thick-as-mince gobby little chancers", which I must admit is good, and then dares, in print, to more or less quote one of the young Wootton Bassett (well, Swindon) white lads that your modest host suggested on 2 Jan might be future protagonists in this tale. "F*** off back to where you’re from, then, you Muslims" says Liddle. He doesn't use quotation marks nor ascribe it to Luke or Sam. We might infer that it is Liddle's own opinion. He has lots of previous in this area, representing as he does, quite often, the uncomplicated attitudes of the white indiginous working class.
Rod then has fun with the absurdity of the protest group's name:
"the guiding light behind the wonderful Islam4UK group — a terrific name, like www.shariaImlovingit.com or www.kuffirsmustdielol.co.uk"
Wish I'd mined that rich seam of gag in my original post. Rod had more time to think, plus the bugger got paid for it.
Anyroad, the upshot is that Postie Johnson has seen the light and banned the whole group. Just as well, as the facebook snowball was getting bigger all the while and Anjem's gang of malcontents would have had their shit rearranged in robust Wiltshire Young Farmers' Club style.
Well done the Postman. You were my choice as next Old Labour leader before today, but you have now franked the choice. You'll never get elected, but at least you will take your setbacks with good humour and honesty. No chance of the sons-of-Blair Milipede weasels doing so, let alone EdtheYob Balls.
Idle. First with all that's worth reading. Sometimes on a weekly basis.


Savonarola said...

I disagree with this ban, Mr Idle.

The ban provides oxygen to this bunch of sexually frustrated young men posing as propagators of Islam.

Esconce them in a suite at Holiday Inn, deliver a couple of virgins , a pack of strong lager and a few porn vids and after a week of education they will give up this business of wanting to become martyrs.

This behaviour is caused by sexual repression. I kid you not.

How did Mohammed manage to recruit 1000's of young arabs to join his 'army' to retake Mecca. Put in a few paras about virgins etc. Hey presto what worked in 672 still works.

Philipa said...

All hail Idle.

Savonarola - you are mistaken; they have been encouraged to use WASPs for that sort of thing.

And WASP married men have been sexually repressed for generations and never propagated Islam.

Idle - I see Rod Liddle is not exactly popular on Twitter or Facebook!

Philipa said...

For some reason I cannot delete my previous comment.

I've just seen Choudary and he's a bit scary fanatical. He was asked why he was happy to live off benefits in this country, he said the money belonged to Allah therefore he was perfectly entitled to take it.

Bill Quango MP said...

He is pretty dire on Newsnight right now. Paxo having himself some fun.
Just said to zealotsULike.com
'you have refused to answer the question so many times that you are descending into to Michael Howard levels.'
Then he said to another guest "whatever you think about nutty views ... erm.. I mean profoundly held beliefs...
Then he just sat out the rest of the mentalists ravings, smirking slightly.

lilith said...

I think you will find that the trouble began when Anjem qualified as a lawyer.... Postie should have banned lawyers.

Shariaimlovingit.com. Class.

Scrobs... said...

A chum had his Rangerover pinched in Welling.

Just goes to show that you can't go anywhere these days without wondering what's going to happen next...

Love the benefits quote, I'm going to try that when my tax return is due next year, I'll check later which clause it comes under!

El-Kevo said...

Can't they just be made to ... disappear ?

(I'm quoting Jeremy Clarkson here - but then again he reads my blog and quoted me first !)

idle said...

To precis your comment, Savo, you think they may be wankers.

Perhaps bankers should tell the public to quit whining about the bonuses - it's allah's money and he decides who should get it.

I have noticed several previously-pc folk becoming more normal, Bingo.

Yes, lil, nothing worse than a chippy lawyer.

Is Anjum a near neighbour, scrobs?

I'm not surprised to hear he steals ideas from you, e-k. Anne Robinson once shamelessly did a piece based on a letter of mine to the Telegraph (without namecheck), and a bird called Jemima Lewis has been reading idle posts and subbing them in the Torygraph as well. Now Liddle. We should be proud of ourselves.

Thud said...

I still feel a more robust response is called for.

Scrobs... said...

Iders, I sincerely hope not...

Welling is luckily about forty miles north, give or take a burnt out white van!

Hellfire, he doesn't live nearer does he?

circus monkey said...

Took a long time for the *$%?@*** penny to drop though,did it not?