Sunday, 24 January 2010



Scrobs... said...

Iders, he is the only hope we have of kicking the Brown disaster into history.

Believe me, I'm feeling the same, but as I get older, I want those champagne socialists to fret like we've had to over the last few years.

I have control over what we're doing - to a certain extent, all I feel is hatred for the spongers at Westminster, and especially those like Ed Balls and that Jobsworth chappy, you know, the pillock who can't string two words together.

He'll get his comeuppance.


Philipa said...

"Iders, he is the only hope we have of kicking the Brown disaster into history."

I disagree Scrobs on the grounds that the Tories are not intending to do anything remarkably different, only make life worse for those who would feel it most - the poorer section of society. They will not take us out of the EU so our future will still be subject to EU law. No change to the cap. No significant change in immigration, education, NHS or public services.

With the Edlington boys in the news Cameron has used that vile incident to justify greater interference into family life should he so wish. Something the Conservatives should be fighting against - big State.

In fact public opinion fired up by that incident has drawn all sorts of vile opinions out of the woodwork some put forward by mainstream journos who use that incident - of two boys from a two parent family - as evidence to remove benefits from single parent families. No, there's no logic, no humanity and no real benefit to society or the economy by using these means. It's simply prejudice time. And Cameron will pander to the most popular. In fact I think Cameron would say anything to gain office.

I really might vote Labour.

Then again Blues and Iders might suggest lunch if I did, cover me in syrup and tie me by a wasp nest.

idle said...

"the Tories are not intending to do anything remarkably different, only make life worse for those who would feel it most - the poorer section of society".

I couldn't disagree more, pip. Any Conservative government, however toothless, improves the economy, the lot of the unemployed, reduces state intervention, taxation and regulation. It creates wealth, which even if you think falls into the wrong hands, gets spent on domestic workers, artisans and in consumption, boosting VAT receipts. Even those who have no part in the previous sentence have their safety net funded.

I wish the Tories had the nerve to appeal to the millions of people who voted for Thatcher and who no longer vote, by espousing Common Sense policies which enthuse those who have opted out of our political system.

You reckon the Labour party is the party of the poor? Go to Govan, Oldham, Haringey and Doncaster. Look around. Then come back and tell us how good a job they are doing.

Philipa said...

How is it going to do those good things, Idle? I see no evidence.

Philipa said...

*deafening sound of silence*

idle said...

Forgive the silence. Busy not being idle.

It'll do it by reducing the deficit faster than the other lot, by cutting corporation tax to wealth-creation-inducing levels, by rolling back the state from its counterproductive meddling in people's affairs and encoraging the client state of Labour to wean itself off welfarism.

Most importantly, it threatens a revolution in schooling, which will benefit the state sector uniquely.

It will treat Europe with scepticism and refuse to endorse the worst socialist legislation from Brussels.

It will champion localism and increase civility. It will reduce immigration and appease the incomers much less than the current mob.

It won't do any of this as much as I wish it to, but it will be a tiny step in the right direction.

Philipa said...

Always, Idle. I rather hoped it was because you saw no evidence. But whilst I agree with all you say I think they will claw back the deficit at the expense of the poorest in society and I think that's wrong. And like you I would rather see bigger steps in some areas but we shall see. Promises and reality in politics don't tend to match up.

William Gruff said...

Idle: I think your leap to cynicism is about twelve months away.

Philipa: You're not so very wide of the mark, although I'd question your use of 'wrong'.

PS: If you'd like to be tied up and covered in honey next to a wasp's nest I can oblige, although I'd advise you to ask for smouldering brands at your feet.

Philipa said...

Bill - can I have smouldering brands at my feet?

(it really is bloody cold)