Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Rat Jumps Into Sinking Ship

"An Essex Conservative council leader has quit his party and joined Labour.

Terry Hipsey blamed the Conservatives' taxation policies for his decision, as well as Prime Minister Gordon Brown's handling of the recession."

I beg your pardon? Surely shome mishtake. Full story here. Actually, it can't be the full story; something else has happened, I'll bet. Anyway, that's Terry Hipsey for you. Middle name Hoon, I think.


apricotfox said...

He's a Barking rat, evidently..

William Gruff said...

Or Just desperate for his fifteen minutes of Warhol?

Anonymous said...

How can the Tories inheritance tax proposals give hundreds of thousands to millionares?

The millionaire would be dead!

They can’t enjoy the cash six foot under!!!

idle said...

So popular was the response to the Tory IHT £1m threshold proposal, the Labour Govt decided they had better, at least, double the threshold to £600k.

Strange that they should now be accusing the Tories of immorality.

Tuscan Tony said...
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Tuscan Tony said...

P'raps this is in some way related to the 60ft penis story on the same page.

idle said...

The Tuscan's eagle eye alights upon a phallic story that mine missed.

electro-kevin said...

He's got the right idea.

The Tories would be mad to win the next election. Seriously.

Nu Lab have form for this; Slash 'n' burn and let the Tories pick up the embers to go down in history as the nasty party.

Perhaps the chap just likes it in opposition. It's easier to criticise than to do.