Friday, 27 March 2009

Political Science

For those who do not read the estimable Croydonian, he has posted a GREAT LINK that many of you will enjoy. None more so, I suggest, than the Tuscan, for whom this kind of information provided the inspiration for his blog all those years and posts ago.

The number 1 global political totty is pictured above. A leftie, but full of Peruvian promise, it seemed. She beat Mara Carfagna, about whom the Tuscan has trumpeted, into second place. The Croydonian, his heartbeat quickening, rushed to Google images for more 'evidence' of Peruvian Luciana's pulchritude. He came away disappointed, as did I. Has the 20minutos voting got it right?

The way to solve this is for you to spend a bit of time scrolling down the list (waste no time on Ms Flint of Great Britain), and post your top ten, in order, in the comments. All in the name of political science, of course.

How numbers 32 and 43 got in, we'll never know; presumably to increase the number of random hits, as they are somewhat more famous than the real totty on view.

The best named, I need hardly suggest, is number 18.


Anonymous said...

Hilary Clinton was wearing a mask when she had that photo taken and here is the proof.

What a collection of very attractive women - and Britain's highest entry is that absolute minger Caroline Flint (which says a lot about the rest of our MPs.)

Thankfully they found a photo of her without her mouth open. You could drive a bus through that gap in her front teeth.

Tuscan Tony said...

No 16 - does what it says on the tin, one presumes.

Tuscan fave? 34, a hands down winner.

idle said...

Tuscan - Miss Bonk was at Number 18 when I wrote my post, and has since moved to 16. I realise now that my post makes little sense when I suggest that the best named is Miss Prestigiacomo.