Friday, 20 March 2009

Change the Law and Let Patsy Hewitt Top Herself

The answer, since you asked, to yesterday's teaser was: Tessa Jowell and Patricia Hewitt.

Jowell, the oh-so-nice, oh-so-innocent friend of just about everyone in Westminster, is demonstrably idiotic. Whoever let her loose with the Olympic budget should have been weighed down with shot-putt balls and thrown into the synchronized swimming pool to drown. When she told us that the Olympics would cost less than £3bn, it was clear that she was A) stupid, or B) dishonest, neither of which recommended themselves as reasons to put this woman in charge of such a big and expensive operation. Where are we now on the budget - £13bn? Do I hear £14bn?

Patsy Hewitt, that supercilious blue-stocking who oozes sanctimony and cant in a way as yet unequalled by her NuLabour colleagues, managed to spend something approaching £15bn on the world's worst-ever computer implementation project. For her next trick, she managed to bugger up the careers of thousands of newly-qualified doctors, many of whom had to leave this country to work overseas, after the considerable expense of training them, which costs around £250,000 per quack, I gather. Even if she was telling me that I'd landed the Euromillions lottery, I'd still want to strangle her, so ghastly is That Voice.

And then today, she pops up from nowhere, supporting a change in the assisted suicide law. Fantastic! I'll drive you to Clifton Bridge myself and watch you jump.


electro-kevin said...

"Let me be clear on this."

"Let me be clear on this."

"Let me be clear on this."

Preceding just about every one of her responses.

I don't think she'd jump. She needs to be pushed like the rest of them.

apricotfox said...

Let US be clear on this: You, Patsy Hewitt, are an oleaginous,obsequious,sanctimonious witch.
That voice is enough to make anyone sign up to Dignitas.
And you're right, E-K, no way Miss Goody-two-shoes-holier-than-thou Hewitt would ever do the honourable thing...

Bill Quango MP said...

Trouble is E-K she says "Let me be clear on this." and then .. isn't.

Still, better than Mcnulty with
"I don't accept that." in response to any fact that doesn't the spin.

Mr Idle, I recall there were 101 Blair Babes. Any good ones in the pack? Good in any sense of the word.

idle said...

Bingo - Gisela Stuart, the sausage nosher (born German, I mean). She occasionally makes sense of things EU.

Can't think of any others. Presumably Gwyneth Dunwoody doesn't count.

William Gruff said...

Watch her jump?

She's in the car with you, on the bloody bridge and you'd watch her jump?

Idle you are too much the gentleman. I'd throw the bitch over and sound the horn to drown her screams.

William Gruff said...

PS: Thank you for the link, by the way.

Nomad said...

Does any other government anywherre allow foreigners into their fold? Just asking.

idle said...

Nomad - how about the Americans? They have a Masai for President. And last night on Newsnight they interviewed Carter's NS Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who still sounds like a full-blown Pole.

As for Henry Kissinger...

Nomad said...

Yes - silly me; how could I forget that?