Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Husband of the Year Awards

In 5th place, someone who for some reason reminded me of the Tuscan on his grant-maintained European farm. But those must be a couple of his maiden aunts in the cage; certainly not the fragrant Tuscana, pbuh. But he could've made them walk, so no podium place for him.

In 4th: this put me in mind of the idle bro at Glasto. But bicycles DO get nicked, he's given her a mat to kip on, and he's sharing his water. So no medal for him either.

Bronze: this is more like it.

Silver: terrific! But he blew it by holding her hand, the soppy fool.

GOLD: Unbeatable. The insouciance of the hand in pocket and drag on the fag are nice touches. Those Albanians are gallant gentlemen.


lilith said...

She should divorce him and keep the faggots.

In this country it is hard to see why men marry at all these days. Seems a guaranteed way to end up in a bedsit missing your kids. If I had a son I would suggest it perhaps best not to marry and to keep cordial relations at all times with the mother of one's children.

Thud said...

I think his brother is knocking out dodgy cars over in liverpool along with helping his female relations progress in the area of personal services.

Calfy said...

Have you seen this one?

I am not impressed with place number 5. It's fun to go in the back/boot/on the roof!

idle said...

As a child, calfy, it is. As a rheumatic geriatric, less so.

Tuscan Tony said...

Very drole, idle. Being the proud owner of a dinghy I would most likely be on the podium brandishing a bronze.

O/T but Midhurst and the River Rother raft race were headlining on Sky today, in case you missed it.

Lilith - the Tuscan business partner tells of increasing boatloads of desperate single women in their thirties and forties, reaping the harvest of court-decided settlements. One of his employees spends most of his time dallying with various women way, way above his station in life, thereby making the most of the surplus.

lilith said...

It repels me TT. I kinda knew Calfy's father and I wouldn't last so didn't marry him. A lot of women would have, to "secure" their future. Indeed, I was advised to marry him by many. But it would have been the first step towards divorce. I see that as a life choice of "prostitution with a pension".

Anonymous said...

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