Friday, 28 November 2008

The Blair Ditch Project

Thanks to Boris, this bugger retires today.

"The Scotland Yard head told London mayor Boris Johnson he had never been distracted by any of the controversies surrounding him.

Sir Ian said he will be "fully exonerated" by an investigation into how contracts worth several million pounds were handed to a close friend.

Needless to say, this has cost us several hundred thousand pounds, what with his pension-pot top-ups and paying off his full contract. Why is it that a chief plod is offered such a bullet-proof contract? Don't tell me that you couldn't attract the right calibre without such a contract - it's the top job, for Christ's sake! This woeful excuse for a straight copper has behaved shamefully in his post, has been proved dishonest at worst or incompetent at best, yet walks away with all the wonga. Furthermore, he has presided over a Met where a chancer like Tarique Ghaffur can negotiate a million-pound settlement for a cooked-up racism case, instead of being reduced to the ranks and sent to Neasden to do some community policing, which is what should have happened to the lying swine.

And his parting shot - authorising a squad of 9 (nine!) anti-terrorism officers to the home of a front-bench MP, respected on both sides of the house, to do a lot of what's-all-this-ing in every drawer, cupboard, nook and cranny, when the MP in question has done no more than behave as all opposition members are expected to behave, and as all journalists do, be they good, bad, or Robert Peston.

And it is apparent that the Speaker, that illiterate numptie Gorbals Mick, approved the charade. He should be encouraged to visit his study in his plush quarters, with a deep fried mars bar and a revolver, and contemplate his position.

Irate Idle


Tuscan Tony said...

Well said. I would only change one aspect - he should insert the mars bar, and deep-fry the revolver.

nomad said...

So despite Mr Gilbert's protestations to the contrary, it would appear that a policeman's lot is indeed a happy one. Well, who'da thunk it?

Bearly concious said...

They don't come any more PC than "we are institutionally racist" Blair so why did they make no attempt to fight Tarrique's claims?

But no dirty washing allowed presumably....and your friend and helper the taxpayer will be paying the bill as usual.

Absolute bloody shower...

lilith said...

I am raging too Idle. Even my mother is raging and she ignores politics.

idle said...

My mother is also raging, lil. She started when Heath was beastly to dear Enoch, and hasn't really calmed down since, except when she is at the races or the opera.

nomad said...

En passant (scuse my French) do you have to pay a royalty to TT's (not him, the real one!) estate each time you use his pic? If so, must cost you a fortune.

idle said...

It did not occur to me that the descendants of TT would expect payment for use of image rights.

They will just have to stand in line, along with school bursars, wine merchants, London club secretaries and turf accountants, if they expect to see any groats from idle's pocket.

All are advised to remain patient until lucrative employment is secured.

nomad said...

Idle, old chap, looks like you've been cloned!

el reapero said...

didn't realise the sun had a forum.After reading the discussion I can see why noone I know or read would know of it's existence.consider this advice from 'luv2x' to amy winehouse

'If Amy is to stay of drugs she needs to change her whole lifestyle, her friends etc. She is incredibly vulnerable right now and if she starts drinking to fill the space of harder drugs, she will be back using in no time at all.'

I'm sure amy's a reader.

idle said...

For Amy to stay off drugs, a simple lobotomy should suffice.