Saturday, 15 November 2008

Every Genius Guitarist Needs a Good Stick-Man

Our resident obituarist is en route to his Tuscan retreat to check if the beast has burned down the barn and eaten all the egg-laying chickens. So, in his absence:

Mitch Mitchell (left) RIP

Is Hey Joe the best ever debut single? Idle votes AYE. Can you come up with a better one?


The Lakelander said...

Troughing in The Wolsley on Thursday night, we spotted Nick Mason (sticks man of Pink Floyd) a couple of tables away.

I commented to Dr Lakelander how old he was looking.

She said - he's probably thinking the same thing about us...

idle said...

I raced cars with Mason (and his spirited wife) at Bedford Autodrome last summer. He does look an old bastard, it is true - even Gilmour, the (clean living) genius guitarist of Floyd looks pretty old now - but he steers a car with verve and skill.

I looked after small amounts of Floyd tour money in the 90s. It was rumoured that Mason needed a crash course in drumming with a tutor before each tour.

Drumming isn't like riding a bicycle, in other words.

rvi said...

Does anyone think that (irrespective of his abilities or otherwise on the drumkit) Obama would have been elected if he had sported locks such as these?

Scrobs said...

I still reckon 'Hey Joe' was a turning point in rock music.

When Hendrix played with his teeth on TV, he was a sensation, and after that he was destined for glory!

I did think that 'bonking' his guitar was bizarre though, but I bet it sold a lot more records...

lilith said...

That hair has to be photoshopped. Indeed an excellent first single, although I admit to being a little alarmed at the lyrics. For songs about shooting your girlfriend I really rate Down By the River.

idle said...

The afros are the McCoy, lil; I have seen lots of other pics from this same photoshoot.

I just reminded myself of the lyrics to Down By the River, which seem to be no less alarming.

Perhaps there's just no nice take on gunning down one's sheila.

electro-kevin said...

I can't think of a better debut single.

Jimmy Hendrix is one of my all time favourite guitarists and the Fender Strat has to be the best sounding electric.

I heard a great guitarist the other night alternating between a Strat and a Les Paul - I wanted the LP to win because I prefer the image ... alas it was far FAR inferior in tone.