Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Know Your Enemy

When Obama becomes president, as he surely will, he will have to deliver on his Troops Out promise in Iraq. Unhelpful comments from our commander in Afghanistan, that it's all going pear-shaped, will doubtless encourage Obama to disengage from that country as well, and quickly. In which case the whole seven-year affair will have been a complete waste of blood and treasure. A corrupt and compromised Afghan "government", whose writ extends no further than the inner ring-road of Kabul. An Afghanistan/Pakistan nexus of frothing-mouthed malcontents, reverting to gentle, caring, progressive Taliban ideology, will have its usual easy route into Britain, due to our puzzling, continued accommodation of Pakistani immigrants.

The ragheads in the dust of Karachi and Kandahar will claim a great victory, actual and moral, over the soft, decadent West. And much of our media will assist in this, and many of our politicians will advise that we should allow towns in the midlands and the north west to have a qualified form of sharia law, where a majority votes for it.
Perhaps Bill Clinton was right, that one should engage regimes like the Taliban only from 30,000 feet and be careless about collateral damage.

This is what they look like, my friends. Arm yourselves.

Pic from The First Post


Tuscan Tony said...

The pic taken in downtown Dewsbury, I presume.

The situation is damned if you do, damned if you don't with countries like Afghanistan. From an ig'nant Tuscan's perstective it all seems way to fractured and fragmented to apply any sensibel and overarching rule of law to the place, incidentally probably like jolly old England will be in 30-40 years time when the effect of demographics really kicks off.

As you suggest, fasten your seatbelts.

electro-kevin said...

I agree with Tony.

I hope I'm not here then and so too my boys.

I do feel that our one saving grace, perhaps, is that the radicals have shown out a little too early and declared to us what their intentions are. Ten years later and they would have no problem asserting themselves.

I was hoping for an economic depression because Britain needs it. We need that impetus to do something before the tipping point is reached.

Lilith said...

Idle, why don't we just buy the poppy harvest and make medical morphine? Surely that would make everyone except the Taliban happy?

idle said...

I completely agree with you, lil, and have been a supporter of such a plan for many years.

E-K, funnily enough I was discussing just this point with my in-laws in London last night. I said that it is an ill wind that blows no bastard any good, and that a severe recession will certainly get the juices flowing on immigration and behaviour. One of our senior politicians might even give a speech like this, from Costello in Oz:

idle said...
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The Lakelander said...

Wasn't there a story that American "Intelligence" found Bin Laden some years ago and the US Military asked for permission to send a cruise missile to kill him - but Bill Clinton refused permission?

idle said...

Depends on where bin Laden was at the time, lakes. He was, after all, a member of White's Club, under the name Harry bin Laden. Wiping out several dozen members of the Lords and most of the non-execs of FTSE companies just to vaporize bin Laden whilst he ate his potted shrimp would have been unfortunate, so the US ambassador to London advised against it.

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