Wednesday, 24 September 2008

GayGordo's Financial Crisis Summit in America

Twatto is off to America to sprinkle his gold dust upon the troubled financial markets. Then I read that Hank Paulson won't meet him. It goes on to quote McGloom:

"I and then Alistair will meet financial and government leaders in New York to make these proposals." However, the official schedule for the trip shows he has a breakfast on Thursday morning with "fund managers from Wall Street" to discuss the financial crisis. He is also meeting Mayor Bloomberg and giving a speech on Friday about the global turmoil. Mr Brown will announce a new global malaria action plan that will aim to completely eradicate the disease by 2015. Also travelling with the Prime Minister were (sic) Elle Macpherson and the Duchess of York.

Dunno about the Duchess of Pork - possibly tagging along to try to improve her bank balance (sorry, her profile), but thank fuck the lovely Elle will be there. At least someone who understands finance will be on the Brown team.

Did I ever tell you my story about when I met Elle? Twice on the same day in two different countries? A memorable tale.


Tuscan Tony said...

This was the most amusing news of the week. His speech yesterday shoudlhave read:

"I and then Alistair will pad our diaries with whoever is willing to see us."

What an utter, utter tosser.

Lilith said...

I love it that Hank won't meet him.

electro-kevin said...

They know he's a Jonah and don't want him anywhere near the place.

I bumped into Gwyneth Paltrow on the beach one day - I didn't know it was her until the papers the next day. But even without knowing who she was I thought she was one of the most stunningly beautiful women I've ever seen. Full length wet suit and lank hair - mmmmmmmmmm.

Lilith said...

Poor girl's got her cozzie on backwards.

idle said...

I think she may have designed it that way, lil. She thought it might be popular with the lads. Can't think why.