Saturday, 13 September 2008

Adam and Eve, Taliban Style

I can't remember where I got this cartoon came from, probably from the excellent Theo.

I think it needs a caption.


electro-kevin said...

No caption I'm afraid. Britain is a non-comedy zone when it comes to Islam.

Praise be to Allah that his followers can be so utterly stupid and impatient. At least we have been alerted to their intentions whereas if they'd been clever enough to wait another ten years we'd have had no chance.

I think the Asian Persuasian at New Scotland Yard have blown their cookies too.

Scroblene said...

'Fig trees receive EU funding in towns throughout England and Wales. Scotland can use thistles...)

(This is an actual directive from the pensioned classes in Brussels. The reason is that Wales decided that leeks were just too penile to be less than a laughing stock. And anyway, when Glenys Kinnock was tied up with the miserable shower, Wales was left off the map completely!)

allah said...

And here's me thinking this was an innocent reference to the fact that Mo' consumated his marriage to Ayesha when he was 54 and she was 9

They'd been married since she was 6, so he showed some restraint.

For an obvious paedo.


My arse.