Tuesday, 4 June 2013

On Gongs

I have the highest regard for Amanda Donnelly, Gemini Donnelly-Martin and Ingrid Loyau-Kennett. Their courage and sang-froid, in an increasingly cowardly and hysterical world, are an example to us all and a terrific message to send to other would-be-murdering savages and their apologists, mentors and supporters. (I apologise for reproducing a picture of the grisly scene, but thought it necessary for the post).

I was sent the following today from a petition group which I thought I'd unsubscribed from:

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By Rev. Jesse v.

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On 22 May after Fusilier Lee Rigby was killed in an horrific attack in Woolwich, three women stepped forward, confronted the attackers and went to his aid.
Amanda Donnelly and her daughter Gemini Donnelly-Martin comforted the soldier as he lay on the ground and Ingrid Loyau-Kennett calmly spoke to the attackers until police arrived. The fact that no other bystander was hurt in the incident is testament to the courageous actions of these women.
As the Rector of Woolwich I saw how the tragedy hit this community hard, but the actions of Gemma, Amanda and Ingrid has been an inspiration to all of us. Instead of running away when they saw danger they went straight to the heart of it. 
As the people of Woolwich comes to terms with what happened here -- coming together to honour the heroines of that day will send a positive message of unity and peace.
The George Medal can be awarded to civilians for acts of great bravery. This is one of those acts. Please sign the petition to ask the MOD to award Ingrid, Gemini and Amanda the George Medal.

My instinct is that this is not George Medal stuff. I hope I am not being mealy-mouthed. They have my thanks and admiration, but I don't think they should be rewarded with George Medals.

Or am I wrong?


Anonymous said...

Rowing against the tide there, Idle. Whisper it softly but I'm not at all convinced by the Beharry VC either.

Then again, in the Victorian era itself they were spread around like confetti. Times change.

lilith said...

I have huge admiration for the women, their actions remarkable and laudable and astonishingly brave/fearless. However, I agree with you about medals. On the other hand it would be an acknowledgement that we have a war going on here (which is why the women won't get a medal).

Electro-Kevin said...

I don't know about a medal for these women (it might be seen as inflammatory as Lilith points out) but the wooden spoon should definitely go to the BBC for trying to stir up trouble.

For at least one day they headlined with 'anti Muslim backlash' when there was nothing of the sort going on.

Contrast what happened when police shot an armed gangster a couple of years back. The country set aflame and five killed. Now THAT's a backlash.

The white English are never credited by the Left for their tolerance and fairness.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Old forces cynicism on my part, but whenever a gong is dished out I always wonder what staff officer fuck-up is being covered up.

As for a GM.... I quite agree, Idle. GMs should go to bomb disposal officers and the like. This isn't it.

Electro-Kevin said...

Another thing to add is that one lad said "Me see dis kinda t'ing go on 'roun' 'ere all de time"

Street butchery isn't all that uncommon in the East End - the only difference this time was that it was a soldier and not the usual Trident victim.

They'd be handing out GCs daily in this case.

Thud said...

It seemed more like lack of comprehension rather than bravery , I see no need for ny medals at all.

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