Sunday, 9 June 2013

Just Say Yeo

“If you want to meet the right people, I can facilitate all those introductions and I can use the knowledge I get from what is quite an active network of connections.”

One thing for sure, Tim Yeo won't resign. Nor will his party leader make him do so. The depth of climate change zealots and ratbags in Parliament will mean he gets an easy time on this. They all appear to have too much skin in the game, whether it be current and future taxation, or planned careers once their ministerial gigs come to an end.

We must hope, however, that his open admission that he is prepared to corrupt his position as chairman of the all-party Energy and Climate Change Select Committee for £7 grand a month will, at least, get him pushed out by sustained pressure from the small but vociferous percentage of MPs of all parties (except the Libs and the Green woman, natch) that know just what a scam this all is.

Tim Yeo costs all of us money, needlessly. He ramps the cost of one of our most necessary commodities. He is fundamentally dishonest. May the ghastly spiv rot for eternity.


Alceste said...

He really does have a wonderfully punchable face. Second only to Bono, perhaps.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Never mind resigning. The slimy influence peddling cunt should be in jail. Or hanging from a lampost.

Anonymous said...

He looks like Henry the bloodhound's unnattractive cousin, who seems to be bent on leg-humping any available wallet.

said Pip

Thud said...

The list of robbing bastards seems endless.

GreenWorld Farmland Investing said...

"Man made Climate change" is increasingly being disproved by scientists/. The problem is, there are so many fxxking vested interests who now have a stake in keeping the whole bloody charade going!