Thursday, 21 February 2013

The World's Worst Strategist
Osborne to spend valuable pre-budget time at Chequers discussing electoral strategy.

Peter Oborne (not a dyslexic relation of the Chancellor) in the Telegraph rightly criticises his decision. What he doesn't say, but should, is that George Osborne is a shit strategist. A rubbish strategist. Almost anyone else would be better. Just look at the crime sheet:

1.      Decided not to oppose Brown's kamikaze economic policy in 2007, and signed up to Labour's spending plans 2008-2011.
2.      Had to reverse this idiotic decision within weeks when Northern Wreck hit the buffers.
3.      Joint Moderniser in Chief of the Conservatives, which not only makes the party look as though its apologising for its traditionally Conservative ideology, but pisses off its own voter base without changing the voting habits of the people it is aimed at.
4.      Missed the open goal of the 2010 election. Brown, a revolting individual, had bankrupted the country. He enjoyed almost no personal popular support. The borders were wide open, the country was at war, our welfare state had become the most abused and expensive of all government commitments. New Labour had turned out to be Same Old Labour.
Osborne should be barred from Chequers this weekend. Yes, he should be working on a crucial budget (remember last year’s? A total fuckup. He should be taking a bit more care this time). But mainly, because he is the world’s worst political strategist. More George Custer than George Osborne.


Blue Eyes said...

The 2010 election should have seen big posters saying:

Britain was booming. Labour blew it.

Bill Quango MP said...

At the crucial battle of the Little Big State, Colonel Osborne made some strategic errors.

1. He contrived to split his vastly outnumbered forces. He himself led the main Tory command but that had been split into separate pro UKIP - anti-coalition commands. His divided forces met unusually united tribes of the Forked Tongues.

2. He vastly underestimated the forces ranged against him.
The Yunison tribe alone, outnumbered all his forces. And many tribes had banded together to oppose his march. The BBC 'Red button's held the moral high ground, whilst the savage Red Ed Indians and Bangladeshi contingent commanded the urban strongholds.
And Chiefs Spitting Bullshit and
Crazy Balls had had four years to plan their trap.

3. Osborne's command had inferior weapons. Osborne expected the Milibland to still be fighting with their ancient tribal weapons of 'tax and spend' bows and 'redistributive ideological' spears but in fact they were equipped with the very latest non-arguments/non ideology they had obtained from the Native American Democrats.

4} The Tory riders were armed with the single shot 'benefits cheats' whilst their enemies had the repeating
"One Nation - Predistribution" on the state airwaves, pumping out seven soundbites for everyone one of Osborne's.

5} The government had failed to get the new reservation boundary agreements in place with the tribes before sending Colonel Osborne on his doomed mission.

idle said...

BQ, you surpass yourself. You win the Idle Comment of the Month award, which is limited by the current austerity to a pint of whatever you're having at a hostelry that does not have Pol Roger on tap.

Nick Drew has my email address if you would like to receive your prize.

Bill Quango MP said...

you are too kind, sir.

I have recently been on some yankee websites where they have discovered that the Indians at the big horn did have a large number of the new seven shot repeating Winchester carbines, of magnificent seven fame, left over from the civil war and sold to the Indians.

Custer's troops had only an older model, single shot carbine, which meant the troopers were easily overwhelmed by the firepower of the natives.

Of course, dividing his small command and completing inadequate reconnaissance, plus packing insufficient supplies and facing odds of 5 or 6:1 didn't help.

Poor old George Custer.
Graduated last from his West Point Class of 1861.

{one place above George Osborne}

[ Bit unfair on early George really. Up until the big battle, Custer's record had been pretty good.]

Blue Eyes said...

Going back to your list, I think No. 1 is the most scandalous. For some reason between William Hague campaigning to save the pound and 2008 the Tories stopped opposing Labour economic policy even though every Tory in the country knew that what was happening was unsustainable.

Nick Drew said...

well you know we are fundamentally ad idem on this one, Idle

I haven't recently done the rounds of my snr Tory contacts who regularly (and sincerely) extolled the Boy's qualities in the years up to (early) 2012 in order to ask their current views

haven't had the heart to, really

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Osborne is of course just a proxy target for Cameron, who is the real villain of the piece. Their collective stupidity is so stupid that it burns.

"Share the proceeds of growth" - oh fuck off, you unthinking teenage turds. Anyone with half a brain could see we were going through the mother of all credit booms and running a deficit to boot.

Support bank bailouts? But of course... let's abolish moral hazard and sound money. That's a real Tory value right there isn't it, thieving from pensioners and savers.

Sign up to Gramscian Marxist social engineering? Why, naturally. 'Cos all those lefty poofs who read the Guardian, all 200,000 of them, are just going to instantly vote Tory, aren't they? In the meantime the millions of people north of Islington who despite the BBCs best efforts continue to secretly disapprove of turd burglars will now not bother to vote. Why should they? It's just continuity Labour anyway. Might as well have fun and sign up for UKIP.

I had my suspicions about Cameron & Osborne when I discovered their hero-worship of the vile mentally ill warmonger Bliar, him with the Messiah complex. People who lack the wit to see through that lying fraud should be excused boots, not occupying the major offices of state. But the crowning achievement of their lunacy is going to be the lights literally going out thanks to their unthinking acceptance of the Malthusian green lunacy. An island built of coal & shale, surrounded by oil, running out of lecky. That will the crowning achievement of the braindead PPE politicial class. Tossers, the lot of 'em.

Electro-Kevin said...

At the time we need a political giant ...