Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Oh Happy Day

If one accepts (and I’m afraid one has to) that Cameron, having buggered up the last election, couldn’t hold a referendum during this 5-year Coalition Government, his speech today and its commitment to a manifesto pledge for an In/Out vote in 2017 is as good as one could possibly have hoped for, for all sorts of reasons.
First, he now has the priceless First Mover Status on a referendum. This will help the Conservatives enormously in the next general election.
Secondly, it marginalises the LibDems, who deserve no other fate, being unutterable charlatans and rank opportunists.
Third, it should eradicate the UKIP vote in Labour/Tory marginals. There can be no justification for them handing Labour a seat that would otherwise be Conservative.
Fourth, an Out vote is favourite in 2017. The behaviour of Rumpy Pumpy, Barroso, and Eurotrash politicians too numerous to mention shows no flicker of friendliness, humour, or tolerance towards Britain (and certainly no thanks for this nation’s sacrifices for a Free Europe over the past 100 years). The British people know this, and the majority feel repulsed by it. They know that the World is big, and mostly not European. Our grandchildren will trade with more Chinese, Vietnamese, Brazilians and Mexicans than with the EU.
Fifth, if I am wrong and the British vote to stay In in 2017, it will be because Cameron has convinced them that his negotiations have borne fruit. This will not be achieved by the cancellation of a few pettifogging regulations to do with fruit, or child carseats, or the correct colour for roadsigns. By 2017, we will be somewhat reluctant hosts to about half a million Romanians and Bulgarians, and there will be heightened national resentment that a virtually bankrupt government is pouring billions into our creaking hospitals, schools and social housing for an ethnic minority that has absolutely no links of empire or alliance with Britain, and has contributed almost nothing in tax to justify our largesse. If Cameron can’t get control back of our borders, he will fail in his quest to keep us In. We are not in the mood to sell our country for a few shiny beads and a relaxation in the Working Time Directive.
Sixth, if Dave wins the election, but loses the referendum, he will have to resign as PM. Now is not the time to be horrid to the poor fellow, having delivered us the promise we wanted, but it must be said that he is a wet blanket and needs to be replaced by a proper Tory. Our country will remain close to crisis for many years ahead and it needs, by God it needs, a bit of sound, no-nonsense management.
Of course, this may not win him the election, and we all know that crypto-Marxists like Miliband and Balls like nothing better than the comradeship and approbation of like-minded socialists in Europe. Things will get a whole heap worse under them.
So, expect a proper bounce for Dave and the Tories. Any improvement in the economy in the next eighteen months, and we get our vote. Oh happy day.


Bill Quango MP said...

I fear we shan't ever get that vote.
And if we do get it, we won't vote to leave.

Good speech by Cameron. Well pitched.
he has always been a good performer for the big occasion.

I believe Blair could do it on a day to day basis only because he had exceptionally talented advisers.

Anonymous said...

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Blue Eyes said...

I agree with all of this, Idle. I must go and run a self-diagnostic ;-)

MiliE has just said that a vote for his party will definitely not lead to a referendum. That has got to be great news electorally for the Tories. The only people I can think of who don't want a say of some sort are Euro-federalists and there aren't that many nationwide.

Soothsayer said...

Better get your pitchforks sharpened. With 10 million hungry eastern Europeans arriving any time now, to supplement the unending stream from the sub-continent, you may have to be prepared to defend your cabbage patches.

Electro-Kevin said...
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Electro-Kevin said...
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Electro-Kevin said...

I feel that Mr Cameron's speech, like an empty jar, is as hollow as it is costless. He promises jam to-morrow. Again. Well we know what happened with previous conserves.

Mr Redwood says that the Lib dems would prevent Mr Cameron holding a referendum today - I counter by telling him that, had Mr Cameron offered an in/out referendum in his election manifesto, his majority government wouldn't have had the Lib dems to contend with in the first place.

Why didn't he offer it ? Because he didn't want it.

So what's new ?

Mr Cameron has been rattled by Nigel Farage's popularity and this is a cynical attempt to stem the flow of Tory voters to UKIP.

In the meantime further mass immigration beckons from Romania and Bulgaria and Mr Cameron will say that this is one more reason to vote Conservative as Labour does not wish to consider leaving the EU and UKIP will threaten the Tory position.

The truth is that Mr Cameron doesn't wish to give serious consideration to leaving the EU either.

"It is time that people had their say."

Well let's have it now then.

It's a deeply cynical manoeuvre by Mr Cameron - to outflank UKIP and Labour this day. Disappointingly it is not to outflank the EU now nor in the future.

The EU works by ratchet. Nothing of any significance will be brought back. By 2017 an awful lot will be taken away and there will be many more left wing voters.

Thud said...

I've been debating for several years now about leaving England and I think that the outcome of 2017 could be the decider as to my childrens future, so for me its a real red letter day today.

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