Thursday, 24 January 2013

Expect a Big Improvement in Dave

Lynton Crosby is in London working for Dave now, and was saying his g’days to the political hacks last night. He hasn’t arrived a moment too soon. This bit of Ben Brogan’s piece struck me as being exactly right (my bold):

He argued in favour of applying strict tests to any issue that a party leader might want to raise with the voters: is it genuinely salient? Europe is, gay marriage not so much. Is it personally relevant to the voters? Tax is, Lords reform isn't. Is it capable of political differentiation with your opponent? After yesterday, Europe certainly is. We can expect that rigour to be applied to the choices Mr Cameron makes between now and polling day. But his central point was on what David Cameron's strategy should be. After reminding us that strategy is something you do but don't talk about, he gave us a hint – with a list: deficit cut by a quarter, 850,000 private sector jobs created, interest rates at record lows, cap on benefits, immigration controls, free schools, fuel duty cut, state pension increased, income tax cuts for low paid. His point was that it will be the Government's record that will make the most compelling case with the voters. As for the press – "friend and foe" – and the BBC – "socially biased, run by a socially progressive, out of touch, narrow elite" – there was no point raging, he said. Effort will instead focus on promoting and preaching the record.


Electro-Kevin said...

I hope so. Someone needs to get a grip. Perhaps I was too downbeat in my previous comment on this blog. I could have summarised what I thought of the speech thusly:

The EU kept peace in Europe. Jam to-morrow and Five-year-plan.

Also to justify the need for the speech (and that it should not be false):

The fundamental question is: do we want to be just an English speaking region of the People's Republic of Western Europe; or do we want our own country?

It is no good saying the UK will be better off in the EU, because there will be no UK left to be better off.

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin.

(Budgie - frequent visitor on CityUnslicker)

Elby the Beserk said...

NATO kept peace in Europe, Kev. The EU may have played a tiny part, but that's all. The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU simply reflects how the Nobel prizes have drifted leftwards, and have hence become degraded.

Indeed, we have seen the first award of a Nobel prize for a USA President being black rather than white.

Nick Drew said...

I am quite optimistic too. I know that Kev and many others thought 2010 was the election to lose, but I always maintained, and still do, that you are better holding the reins - provided you know what to do with them. Having the reins / levers / tools in hand, and being able to take meaningful initiatives

that's why my scorn is greatest for Osborne, who sold himself aggressively as a Strategic Genius, and so was given total control of the Strategic Initiatives brief - on which he has singularly failed to deliver; he really is just a student politician, all tactics, spite & silly sneers

Elby - the whole NATO thing amuses me: remember that France's stance, for decades, was to be 'in, but semi-detached'

and they really were in: I met French officers at all sorts of important gatherings - and they were keen to be there, and we (CANUKUS) were pleased they were there, and they maintained a decent division for DE, stuck to NATO protocols etc etc

& the proof of the effectiveness of this, when the moment came, was that they fitted seamlessly into Schwarzkopf's great campaign for the liberation of Kuwait (which was entirely run using NATO doctrines & protocols)

now if that isn't a model for the viable semi-detached positioning I don't know what is

Electro-Kevin said...

Sorry Elby - those phrases were meant to be in quotations. Mr Cameron repeated the myth that the EU kept peace in Europe.

Nick - It's not a dun-deal yet.

However, I am usually wrong about things... for all the right reasons !

Popcorn eater said...

I agree with Kevin. I hope this bloke does get a strong grip - around Cameron's and Ozzie's throats and then proceeds to bang their heads together to try to knock some sense into them. Still got 30 months or so to go, so we look forward to positive results emerging. He will need strong support from the likes of Redwood, Davis and Cash. So, get the popcorn in and watch this space.

Elby the Beserk said...

NATO is an organisation based on enlightened self-interest; which is why it works so well. All members are served by it. A model multi-national NGO, truth be known.

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