Friday, 18 January 2013

Al Jeers

I don't think we can complain that we were not warned by the Algerians about the operation to release the hostages in their desert gas plant. If they felt that they either didn't want, or couldn't wait for, an SAS team, so be it. We would not, of course, have consulted them (nor asked for their crack team of special forces) if, say, a few dozen Algerians were being held hostage in Cleethorpes, or Londonderry, or Port Isaac.

The risk of working hundreds of miles from habitation in the Sahara is self-evident, even before factoring in the pissed-off and bloodthirsty Islamist. I hope the pay reflects this, for the current emergency will surely not be the last.

UPDATE: Elby refers us to Raedwald for a good burst of invective.


Elby the Beserk said...

Raddled has a good post on this - here

Why is it what we believe that a) our cultural norms are right & b) that we therefore have the right to impose them on those who beg to differ?

Thud said...

I don't mean to sound cruel but if you visit,work,or holiday in a muslim country then you take your chances!

Electro-Kevin said...

Our wealth depends on go getters taking a chance in these places.

I am:

A) Not motivated enough by money

B) Not skilled enough

C) Too bloody cowardly

These places should have bloody decent security (Ex RM, Ex RAF close protection, Ex SAS, Ex SBS) and at least one privately owned Apache helicopter.

Old go getter from long long ago. said...

Old go-getters went and got in perfect safety most of the time, but I agree there is now a modicum of danger since Islamonutjobs got religion.

Anonymous said...

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