Friday, 26 March 2010

You Couldn't Make it Up

Oh dear.
The sub-editor of the Times didn't seem to realise that his European correspondent was rather, shall we say, aptly named for the story he wrote about the ongoing shocking revelations of the Catholic church and buggery.
Look at who wrote this:

One's first thought is that this has been doctored, but I have googled the author and he appears to be a kosher Times hack.

Other sites are having fun at his expense:


lilith said...


apricotfox said...

Brilliant! Well-spotted! Is work getting dull???

Electro-Kevin said...

Oh dear. The Devil in the detail.

Thud said...

A pleasant distraction on a rainy day.

Scrobs... said...

Well how else would you have got them to sing the Allegro...?

It might have been a cold morning as well, because that would have helped on the High C.

Vinogirl said...

They maybe should've gone with a nom de plume for this one!

Electro-Kevin said...

...the Devil in the Vatican.

It bothers me that the Catholic church seems to get away with internalising crimes such as this. Why are the police not feeling the collars of priests ?

Why does anyone want to be a Catholic ?

rvi said...

The Mayor of Philadelphia was on CNN news this morning lamenting the behaviour of rowdy youngsters creating a spot of downtown mayhem during the evenings.

His name? Mr Nutter.

Must be right; to even want to apply for a job like that!

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