Tuesday, 23 February 2010

What Really Happened

This, a Taiwanese news channel's take on the Big Brown Bully case, is simply terrific. Watch the computer-animated thuggery.

This is proof, if ever there was proof! We can see him doing it! He's even wearing the correct tie! Arrest him now, appoint Lord Fondlebum of Boy as acting Prime Minister, and call an election before the Cameron poll lead, ricepaper-thin that it is, disappears completely.

Hat tip: Dizzy


El-Kevo said...

It shows how tits-up the economy has gone.

If the economy had not gone tits-up none of this would have got out. Who'd have wanted to cut the legs from under a successful PM ?

So my take on it ?

It's all gone tits-up big time. Brown is like a B movie zombie that won't die. It's down to all the back office Labourite rats to finish him off - it won't be quick and it won't be pretty ... death by a thousand c**ts.

Scrobs... said...

Would you be a rat to go and sort him out Elecs, and consign yourself to the bin forever?

Perhaps there will be a gang of all those who've decided to resign because they're proven cheats, or because they will soon be found out to be cheats, or that they've discovered that the family they want to spend more time have been cheating on them, which will all stand in a big room and start shouting at the bloody man.

Doubt it, but it would be great TV...

Philipa said...

Wow, good vid.

When browsing at around 1am (insomnia is a dreadful thing) I came across this comment:

Cameron is far from blameless. I had the misfortune to work for him for a couple of months just after he was appointed to the Shadow Education brief in summer 2005.
Rudeness and inconsideration were his stock in trade with repeated attempts to humiliate me in front of others. Middle-of-the-night phone calls to pick up up on adverse press comment were not uncommon - much of it stemming from his own inability to clear a "line-to-take" in time for newspaper deadlines. Several colleagues often asked why I put up with it.
Being an ex-journalist myself, I've worked for some nasty types in the past...he was undoubtedly.the nastiest. Is this what parents pay £20k a year for???
Posted by: Nimrod | 22 February 2010 at 09:52 PM

What does that say about men (or women) that succeed in life - is being a bully absolutely necesarry?

idle said...

£20K a year, nimrod? Try £30k before they've been to Stratford for the RSC summer productions, let alone the bloody ski trip.....

Philipa said...

Ha! the vid was featured on the Daily POlitics today.

Bill Quango MP said...

There is something undead about the man EK.
All those daggers plunged into him and he won't collapse.
"Es Tu Badger?" {stab}

Or maybe he's more like the annoying wonk on the corporate away day paintball event who keeps shouting out "Missed! Missed! Just a flesh wound" as he gets shot.

Usually the rest of the team join together and blast them into oblivion.
Its team building. A team united in annoyance at a fool.