Monday, 1 February 2010

Blogger's Block Compo

My days are spent in the relentless pursuit of gammon. At least that what I thought it said we should be chasing. My clients are puzzled but at least the price of pork bellies is holding firm. We are long.
Blogger's block? Run a haiku compo.
The Website you seek
Cannot be located, but
Countless more exist.
Do your best, or worst. Extra points for Brownisms. Or anything to do with Terry John, oikball player. Or the Pope's displeasure at having to have his fair share of bull dykes and promiscuous gays on the Catholic payroll in da YooKay.
The Labour Ad Men
Prepare for the 6th of May
By polishing turds


Wildhighlander said...

Wot's Idle for if not the unforgiving minute...

An August moon
foolish and bent
Tears before bedtime

Anonymous said...

Evening Idle

Stuffing them at home
Screwing them away from home
JT loves to score

See you on Wednesday for a Farqs Thai Green Chicken Curry special....I assume Lady Idle has the constitution of an ox.......

Wildhiglander said...

To the precise minute - how bizarre

Bill Quango MP said...

A papal bull
To a bull dyke
Benedict equalises.

Scrobs... said...

Prepare for Downfall
Set scene for manse return and
Replace Nokia

Scrobs... said...

Those Pampers (with wings)
Have miniscule potential
For his little Balls

Scrobs... said...

The seventh of May
Will ring to sharpening knives
For bowing shoulders

idle said...

She has the constitution of a quail, farqs. But ignore such things. Early leader in the JT stakes.

Nothing bizarre about the busy traffic following an idle post, WH.

Love it, Bingo.

Sounds velly oliental, that last one scrobs. I see a sharp Japanese sword.

Calfy said...

Not very related to the big news stories of the day, but here, reinterpreted into haiku form, are some of my mother's wise words given to me as I prepare to leave for a month in the Antipodes:

Packing takes longer
Than you might expect it to;
Like making sarnies.

Scrobs... said...

Bugger just the last one Iders, I spent ages researching the 'Moras' and stuff to get these three!

Just look at the bloody work I did - and the time I spent to get your sodding numbers up for the month, because you've got Blooger's Droop!


That's the last competition I ever enter, unless there's at least a crate of Old Bastard Extra Special 7.8% at the end of it!

In 'The Angel', Midhurst - No Tears...!


Savonarola said...

Ex Gammon
muchas Mammon;
An Idle thought

Idle, Sir, you are doing a Ma Dale with this strategy of asking your readers to do the hards yards.Next you will be flying any random thought across these pages followed by the instruction 'Discuss'. Desist.

Idle is
As Idle does;
Some thought

idle said...

Fair enough, savo. My next post will be political and autobiographical. Let's just say I've had enough.

Tuscan Tony said...

Wayne tries to bridge
Vanessa's divide
with fudge
Sent back: prefers Terry's.

Philipa said...

Idle leaves
an absolute shower?

turns his back on

(forgive the liberty with metre I hope)

In all these lies
is Blair sucking pleasure?
back in the limelight.

Clare Short
Gives Bliar a shafting,
men appear impotent.

When you wake
feeling sexier than sunshine
think of the economy.

lilith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lilith said...

Got her on a coach
But not before she had left
Her passport at home

How do teenagers
Get to maturity without
Being throttled

El-Kevo said...

Blogger's block
El Kevo
Words lost for

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

lofty ambition
meets the mortgage
both fail