Friday, 24 April 2009


Listen to Joanna Lovely and decide for yourself if the Gurkhas are getting a fair crack of the whip.

Bear a few things in mind:

1. The B-and-Bs of southern English towns are stuffed to the gills with economic migrants who, the moment they get in, are supported by the state, despite having made no contribution to this country. Mostly they arrive from France, which evidently is not good enough for them.

2. Anyone in the EU, regardless of their politics, can choose to live in Britain.

3. All the evidence is that you can, as an asylum seeker, display your hatred and contempt for Britain, its people and its laws, yet stay in Britain and receive its welfare; no record of contribution is required, at all.

4. Nepal is in terrible shape, politically and economically.

5. In September 2008, the High Court ruled that immigration rules denying Gurkhas who retired before 1997 an automatic right to stay in the UK were unlawful.

GayGordo said the new rules, allowing more Gurkha veterans to settle in the UK, are “a big advance on where we were before. Anyone who’s done 20 years service is going to benefit as a result of this decision. Anybody that has suffered as result of injuries and has got an award for gallantry will also be able to come. I think this is a big advance on where we were before.” Bastard.

Any front-line soldier knows that most displays of bravery and gallantry go unrewarded; saving your comrades or beating the enemy is its own reward. So, if you gave 15 of your best years to HM Forces as a Gurkha, avoided injury, and didn't get a gong, it's tought titty. What a disgrace.


Scrobs said...

This is an utter disgrace Iders, and to think that the loyalty and outstanding bravery of the Gurkhas can be treated with such contempt by the shirking, corrupt, cheating, incompetent, cowardly shower in Whitehall just makes my blood boil over.

The scum we have in government should hang their heads in shame and I hope that this absolute travesty of justice is chucked back into their pudgy expense-fuelled faces at every opportunity at the next election.

You can only expect such failure to recognise good people from the sour weak-kneed bunch we have paid millions to keep on expenses in their town troughs. It makes me ashamed to belong to these islands, and I'm sure this disgusting situation with their eternal bullying of some of the best fighters ever to hold a weapon for their country, will be a huge, festering problem for the arch coward, Gordon Brown, for a long, long time.

Nomad said...

Disgusting. Cameron should pipe up at once with the message all decent Brits want to hear.

If the lads of the two remaining Gurkha regiments decided to go walkabout, the Mod would be right up the proverbial sans paddle.

Tuscan Tony said...

They really are scum, the handers down of that ruling. On a more positive note, though, la Joanna just gets better and better.

Tuscan Tony said...

I should add that presumably the Ghurkas, being independent, law-abiding chaps and hard workers to boot were thought unlikely to be natural Labour supporters, and therefore any spare space on the island would thus be better reserved for the Sangattistas.

electro-kevin said...
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Bill Quango MP said...

Does any one know why the Government is picking a fight with a few thousand old soldiers?
What do they gain, apart form being seen as heartless bastards.
What are they really afraid of?

Philipa said...

BQ - I guess it's difficult to think at all with their head up their arse, or Gordo's arse.

Congrats on winning the poetry comp by the way, Bill. A splendid post, Idle. Much enjoyed. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Evening Idle, Farqs here.......I have spent quite a lot of this evening getting political thoughts off my chest elsewhere, but feel this is a platform where my views may find some I reproduce them!

I suppose it is reasoanble to say that we are all, as individuals, brought up in an environment that leads us, as young people, to lean to the party of one political persuasion or another. Whether we, as individuals, hold our allegiance to that party, over time, becomes a matter of personal choice and experience. Certainly those brought up on the wings of either persuasion find it, I suspect, more naturally challenging to cut the inherent roots with which we are brought up.

I make no bones about the fact that I was brought up in a Conservative family......indeed my great uncle served as a Minister under Edward Heath and Margaret Thatcher (although he was very much towards the left/"wet" wing of the party!). I enjoyed (thanks to my father's hard work and no inherited wealth) a very good education, so it probably comes as no great surprise that I am naturally inclined towards the Tories.

However, the latter days of Thatcher's administration and most/all of Major's tenure as PM were toe curlingly painful for me, as the respective leaders had either completely lost touch with reality (Thatcher) or were trying, wholly unsuccesfully, to preside over an ungovernable party (Major) that even I found myself thinking, if not always saying, was wholly unfit for purpose.

Whilst I have a mite of sympathy for the current administration, in the sense that they have been completely overrun by events that they have clearly failed to understand at any stage over the past couple of years,the extent to which they continue to play politics with the gravest economic situation that we have expereinced in three generations is terrifying., New Labour, have amply demonstrated in recent months, that you are wholly ill equipped to deal with the current situation.

I honestly don't believe that Alastair Darling thinks he is fit for purpose when he looks in the mirror at night......any more than I think Gordon Brown does. I honestly believe that the country's best hope of getting out of the current situation is by a chance of administration and a Tory government. Why?

Because I believe that fundamentally David Cameron is a decent, caring, socially aware man with sound human values,coupled with a strong backbone, who has the full and undivided support of his party, not to mentoin the mandate of the electorate, if they were given a chance now to express an opinion. And because he is inheriting an economic shambles that came about on his opponents watch, his life as PM would be immesurably more straightforward that it is currently for Brown, who suffers, inevitably and fairly, from being in the position of guilty party, which Cameron wouldn't be.

When you think back over the past twelve years and the very public desire, obsessive yearning, from Brown to be PM, he must wonder now why he didn't forsee, having been Chancellor for 10 years, what was coming as soon as he arrived.

He could never do it and I wouldn't expect him to, but i honestly believe it is in the country's interest to call an election now. Every decision/action of this government is being slated, rightly or wrongly. For example, the Ghurka issue on the news tonight.

The government are going to get pilloried for their stance on the the Ghurkas, but when I listened to the Immigration Minister this evening telling me that if the government had accede to all the demands it could mean up to 100,000 people arriving in Dover, not to mention all the soldiers/families of Commonwealth servicemen who might turn up in court if precedent is set, my initial thought was "he might have a point". But you just KNOW how this decision is going to play in the electorate.........ugly, horrid.

I raise this specific point not because I want to have a debate about this specific issue, but because the current administration's troubles mean that every single point of policy is going to be viewed by the media (and probably the electorate too) through very, very dark glasses.

I honestly have not written this as a rightwing Tory boy.....those of you on here who know me will know that is not me. Largely, although not entirely, we are where we are though New Labour's fault, they really should go now.......this great country clearly does not have sufficient confidence in its leaders now and when you are this deep in the brown stuff (no pun intended) you absolutely must have leadership that the majority support.

It is time for the General Election.

Newmania said...

Yes I struggle to understand this .Perhaps the most disastrous mistake was removing the stipulation to prove intention when marriage was used to create migrant chains . Immigration has quintupled and while I am not anti immigration especially I am very tired of listening to people who would drop dead before send their children to the inner-city Comp failing to cope with eight languages , pontificating .

Why are they being so slimy about as well ? You need 20 years service but only officers can do that , in fact the traps are many and the most revolting thing is the ad hoc admission of those with medals presumable purely for the media .

In its way its a distillation of this appalling regime`s bile

electro-kevin said...
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William Gruff said...

It's a fucking disgrace but typical of the way in which the Br*tish government has always rewarded those who have served it loyally.

'Br*tish' (I have been unable to spell the word since 1997) now means absolutely fuck all except as a description for those who do not belong here.

Our treatment of the Gurkhas is shameful.

idle said...

Cripes, farqs - with that amount of unloading to do, you might consider starting your own blog.

Though you are welcome to unload here any time you want.

Of course we need a change of government, immediately. But I do not have high hopes after the cahnge. I agree that Cameron is decent and caring, but I regret that he is not really a Conservative. Your Great Uncle and his fellow wets never contemplated a State this large, consuming so much of the nation's produce. Until things went completely pear-shaped a few months back, Cameron and Osborne had fully bought into Brownomics, to the extent that they approved the govt spending plans from 2008-2011. This was barmy; it was obvious that hugely increased borrowing and continuation of a budget deficit throughout a complete cycle would end in bust, and it sent a message to the electorate that Her Majesty's Opposition approved of Labour's economic policy. The LibDems being big spenders too, we were looking at the horrific spectre of consensus economic socialism.

Cameron and Osborne, had they won a snap election in autumn 07, would have carried on exactly as Brown and Darling did, and would now be completely buggered. The Tories would be about to be chucked out of power, and the party would (finally) split, as it has threatened to do over Europe and statism ever since 1990.

Doesn't stop me being deputy-chairman of the Tories in this neck of the woods, but I do so whilst holding my nose much of the time. I long for a British Jefferson.

Anonymous said...


I sympathise with your response to Farqs.

The proverbial hasn't just hit the fan, instead it feels like the septic tank lorry has crashed into the house, knocked down the load bearing walls and as a final insult deposited its load everywhere. I cannot lie. I expected this disaster to occur as soon as the electorate voted them in 1997. And yes there were times when I worried I might have got it wrong. But unlike the Tories I never lost my faith and certainty that Labour would ruin things as always. I wish I had been wrong. Even for those who benefitted from their misrule, all can now see Labour is the problem. Unfortunately I still do not believe the Tories as currently constituted are the answer.



idle said...

Evening, Bill. (Which Bill? Not Bill Quango, presumably, as you come up as an Anon. Not the brewer, surely?

I concur with all you say. As car crashes go, it was slow-motion from 1997, despite the golden economic legacy Ken Clarke bequeathed them.

I am off to eat heartily at a rich man's table. Sayonara.

Bill said...

Good Morning Idle

You are right. I am not Bill Quango but just another Bill. If this reaches you then I am no longer Anon, no longer a number, only Bill.I hope your dinner went well.

idle said...

A satisfactory meal, Bill. Had a long discussion with Boris's first appointment as CEO, who resigned after a month when he realised that Boris himself had to be seen as CEO of London. All very interesting.

Philipa said...

Hm that does sound interesting.

Call me Infidel said...

I had the dubious pleasure of working for HM Government in Dover processing asylum seekers. At its height in 2000/2002 I would estimate we were getting 200 a day through Dover. Invariably they were young men of "middle eastern" extraction. Or more accurately from Iraq, Afghanistan or Iran.

Added to that various deadbeats from countries as far afield as Sri Lanka, Somalia and Turkey to name just three. The government unable to put the legal genie back in the bottle decided to move the border to Calais and around 2004 the amounts making it through to the UK dwindled. Whne caught in France they were handed over to the French authorities (who ignored them) It also coincided with the entry of countries such as Slovakia, Lithuania and Poland into the EU. Prior to this we also had hordes of gypsies from the Eastern Bloc. They and the Kosovans had cottoned on to the asylum ruse. Whereby anyone refused entry to the UK would immediately claim to be persecuted. Never mind the fact that the bus they arrived on had passed through Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. They knew that a claim for asylum would mean that the immigration officers at the port were no longer allowed to refuse them entry and their bullshit claim would be dealt with in Croydon. In the meantime of course they would be entitled to a council house and benefits. After 2004 there was no need for any of that nonsense as Britain cannot keep out economic migrants from the EU. Now if you were to be in Dover at 4am to watch the Eurolines come in you would see the detritus of the former Eastern Bloc making it's way through Customs and on to the promised land. These people far from the impression that the BBC too often puts out are little better than pond life. They have crossed multiple borders to gain access to Britain purely because of our welfare system.

Ironically Gurkhas run the security at the HQ for the UK Borders so called "European Operations" in Folkestone. It sickens me to my bootlaces the way HM Government has crapped on these people. The figure bandied about by Woolas is pure bullshit. What lies behind all this I suspect is pandering to our "European friends" If Britain were to grant citizenship to Gurkhas (as it rightfully should) there would be uproar in Brussels.

idle said...

It is all very depressing, infidel. However, as I write, I have just read the news about the govt defeat in the Commons over Brown's unacceptable new proposals.