Monday, 27 April 2009

Mr Hannan Goes to Cheltenham

.... where our hero gives a rousing speech to the Tories' Spring gathering, and an even better one at a fringe meeting.

Tory Bear has them both, if you have ten minutes or so for each of them:

Hannan is in attack dog mode ahead of the European elections. The wider his audience the better. I notice Dave has started (another) referendum campaign on the Lisbon (Constitutional) Treaty.

UPDATE for the expat: here's one of them, YouTubed:


apricotfox said...

Too right...the more widely he becomes known, the better. But can a better pic be found? He looks about 8 and a half in that one..!

Bill Quango MP said...

RE Michael Caine.
He left in the 70's when a GPO engineer refused to fix his telephone because 'no one has a right to earn this much.'

This,to a lad who grew up in a temporary prefab {that actually existed until they were torn down in the 80's} built on a bombsite, who worked for every penny of his money.

Mrs T thought she had driven a stake through the heart of militant socialism. But we have all seen Hammer Horror films.
Vampires are exceedingly difficult to kill. How best to stop the legions of undead bloodsuckers from stalking the land again?

bereft expat said...

I tried to access these vids but got the message that they are no longer available in my backwoods acre on the globe. Any one if they are up on U Tube and if so got the link please?

bereft expat said...

oops, sorry: should read anyone know etc.

idle said...

Found one of them, bereftexpat, and have updated the post. The other one is on YouTube only at <1min of his platform speech (so far).

bereft expat. said...

Idle: Many thanks. Good stuff, so let's hope people see it and understand what he is saying. I have copied it to all the younger members of my family to note the bit about them paying for the rest of their lives.

electro-kevin said...
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electro-kevin said...

A referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Cosmic (even if we get one)

So let me get this right. The People get to vote on how the EU is run - how very generous.

When do we get to vote on getting OUT of the EU ?

Seeing as we were never asked if we wanted to be in such a federal organisation (only a common trading area) is the best we can expect to be given the right to take part in a vote on something no one wants anyway ?

Even by voting for an MEP you are acknowledging the authority of this entity where in a serious democracy it shouldn't even exist. If we don't want the EU then the EU elections should be boycotted. Any other individual act is acceptance of the EU by default.

The whole thing is one big con trick.