Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Different Strokes for Different Folks

The Tuscan has a story that I suppose most of you have seen. In short, pleasuring onesself on a long straight road, whilst filming it, is deemed dangerous driving, even by Australian standards.

I thought the judge was unnecessarily harsh on the poor, bored bastard. Given that she was going to bang him up for his drugs offences anyway, it was bad form to introduce the onanism angle.

The French, of course, take a different view of this, as this tale confirms:

A gendarme was strolling down the Champs-Élysées one balmy summer evening when he saw a man, partially obscured by a tree, apparently having a pee.

"Monsieur!" shouted the Frog plod, "défense de pisser ici. C'est interdit!"

"Je pisse pas" said the man over his shoulder, "je m'abuse"

"Pardon Monsieur!" said the gendarme hurriedly, "vive le sport!"


Tuscan Tony said...

The gendarme is a decent cove at heart, much like the Italian Carabiniere. And as the English bobby was once allowed to be. RIP.

Anonymous said...

With acknowledgements to moi, I think.

Charles Bois de Fer

A Nonny Mouse said...

OT but very funny. To me anyway.


idle said...

And why do you think I posted it, Monsieur BdeF? Just checking you were present and correct.

I am happy to acknowledge my source.

Nick Drew said...

I am musing over the advisedness of rehearsing another joke along those lines


nope, on reflection, not

OT, Clerihew alert ! - over at C's place

idle said...

Nick, thanks. I'll visit the Croydonian.

PLEASE rehearse your joke here. The idle girls never read their father's blog. The other three readers are grown up, I'm sure. I've met the Tuscan several times and he gave up attempting to get from Haslemere to Waterloo on a child's ticket at least five years ago.

Nick Drew said...

it's not so much the family blog thing (obviously !), as that this particular provocation is best rendered in the flesh, so to say, using certain actions (BTW I should hastily register the point that it is not a tale of self-abuse) for full effect

over a pint, in fact

either that or I must act it out on youtube

idle said...

The prospect of a live performance over a pint is attractive, Nick. I am relaxing in the countryside for now, but will be back in the City in due course. I'll advise when.