Thursday, 17 April 2008

‘I wake up in the morning thinking what we can do to help homeowners’.

Dream bubbles? Captions?


Lilith said...

Surely he has been photo shopped into this picture? Extraordinary. What a statesman. Too gobsmacked to think of a caption.

idle said...

I think it's kosher, lil. I blagged it from the Speccy blog.

My guess is the young chaps behind are carefully sticking a post-it note to his back. I doubt the message on the post-it note is complimentary.

Scroblene said...

Bloke on Bruin's left "Who is this asshole snoring in my ear?"

Spad behind - whispering "That's Gon Dun Brun, the Saviour of the Pillock Multinational Scottish Party in Engerlund'

Bloke on Bruin's left 'Does he speak English though?'

Spad behind - whispering "Dunno, he's only just come out from hiding in the john while we do the real work...'

Bloke on Bruin's left 'Hey, bogey-nose, who the hell are yah?'

Bruin 'My little runaway, my run run run run runaway....'

All the Americans present...'Asshole...'

Craig said...

He's perhaps looking upwards, unable to judge depth being monosighted and realising that the roof's caving in, albeit metaphorically, on his career!

idle said...

Welcome craig.

I do hope you are right.

electro-kevin said...

Why be partisan about homeowners at all, Mr Brown ?

Winners and losers in price falls, surely - why back one or the other ????

Oh - I see ! Your economic 'miracle' goes something like this:

Pack the country full of people in the biggest wave of mass immigration in the history of man - driving up the cost of houses. Tell householders that they've never had it so good and enable them to borrow borrow borrow against their 'assets' thus perpetuating a merry-go-round of high street spending on the never-never.

idle said...

By Jove! I think you've got it, E-K.

An economy which, outside the City, survives by selling overpriced houses and cappuccinos to one another, is going to "take it up the clacker", as that nice expression goes, when the banks, and then the Great British Public, discover that there is a cycle in the property market.

And British cycles, as any fule kno, tend to overshoot on the upside and the downside.