Tuesday, 22 April 2008

He doesn't photograph well, does he?

H/T Speccy, again

I have two opposing captions:

1. "Look at that gurning fool. When ah'm Prime Minister it'll all change fae the better. How long wull ah have tae wait?"

2. "Feck! he's got oot just in time. My economic sandcastle is aboot tae be washed awa', bobbing like a turd on the Clyde, and ah'll go doon in history as the worst PM ever. Doomed. DOOMED!"


electro-kevin said...

I plump for the second caption. Hopefully he'll go down as the worst chancellor too.

How exquisite. Having to deal as PM with the mistakes of an overrated and wrong-headed chancellor ... knowing that you've built your own bear trap and walked right into it.

One question:

- How does Blair get his come-uppance ? He has the luck of the Devil, doesn't he ???

Barnsley Bill said...

He still has to go home to the 3 mile smile gurning lard arse cherie every night.
There is great irony in Gordon spending all those years coveting his neighbours house. Now he has it he will go down as the worst person to inhabit no 10 since Chamberlain.
Just a pity he fucked my country along the way.

Tuscan Tony said...

The Mystery Of The Orange Forehead Blob - Chapter One, frontispiece.