Friday, 26 October 2007

Caption Competition. Limericks even Better

Is that Maxwell in the background? Or Eugene? Any other song links?


Tuscan Tony said...

Cameron turns in disgust at sight of horrid red bogey on Gordon's shoulder.

Tuscan Tony said...

After the first unfortunate incident, the PM never travelled without firecrew, each trained and ready to axe his dry crusty pants free from his body at a mere moment's notice.

The Splund said...

Cameron to misc disatisfied Labour backbencher (after PMQs) - "You stuck the wrong end of the axe in his back, you bloody socialist fool."

The Splund said...
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The Splund said...
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The Splund said...

Ok, at the third attempt (sorry about that Idle)

There once was a rotter named Brown
Who wailed, as the axe head came down
Please save me, young Dave
But Cammo just waved,
Saying - up yours, you talentless clown.

idle said...
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idle said...

respeck to the splund! Idle's own limerick follows when he has eaten enough xtra strong mints (Ch Beaumont, 1995 was the guilty party at lunch) to dare to enter the plutocrat's office and satisfy outstanding matters, the easier to exit office and prepare partridge shooting paraphernalia for the weekend.

Hercules said...

Just goes to prove you could cut the atmosphere with an axe when Dave and Gordy are in the same place!

Nick Drew said...
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electro-kevin said...

I'm surprised a renegade trooper or cop hasn't shot half the cabinet. The temptation if that had been me bearing the axe would have been just too much I'm afraid.

Nick Drew said...

Hey hey !

Good to see ya Kev ! Out on a weekend pass ?

electro-kevin said...

How did you guess, Nick ?

She's oop North for the weekend.

Scroblene said...

Cameron - 'The weather, it is cold in Moscow at this time of year Comrade Bruno Tovarich....'

Brown - 'My friend has an enormous chopper....'

Soldier 'Why don't you two just fuck off and let me do my job...'

killemallletgodsortemout said...

There once was young Brown from Kilbride,
Who fell down a sewer and died.
The next day his brother, he fell down another,
And now they're interred ( in turd, geddit?) side by side.

Nothing to do with axes, but Brown is SUCH a shit.

Boom, boom.

Newmania said...

The leader has a vision
He won’t tell us what it is
He says he dreams it nightly
and it full of umph and fizz

He can’t call an election
'Til the vision has been said
He hasn’t told us for ten years
He`s kept it in his head

Some say it first appeared to him
Like bushes set afire
When Cameron kept calling him
An indecisive liar

They say it wasn`t there before..
He had to run away
And it was all the sweaty Scot
Could come up with to say

But Gordon has a vision
and he sharpens it at night
It’s a rather vengeful fantasy
He dreams for self delight

He gets an axe And takes the day off
Saying that he he got ill
He listens to the bit when David
Said he`d lost his bottle

When he’s good and mad and drunk
He goes to Notting Hill
Puts the axe thorough Davids neck and screams


The leader has a vision
Its of doing David in
He’s thinking of it when he makes does...

That nasty sideways grin

Shudder.... I maintain my low standards which is sufficient for my target and I see no reaosn to improve

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

"one fell swoop. I could get them with one fell swoop"