Thursday, 25 October 2007

Old Lefties Still Foaming at the Mouth

Letter to the Torygraph from the usual suspects

Sir – Today a statue of David Lloyd George will be unveiled in Parliament Square. Lloyd George was Prime Minister between 1916 and 1922. During this period Britain used planes to bomb: Mashud, on India's border with Afghanistan; Dacca, Jalalabad and Kabul; Egypt; Enzeli in Iran; Trans-Jordan; and, of course, Iraq. Today these vicious policies continue unabated. [Blah blah yadda yadda]. All of which makes today's celebration of Lloyd George's legacy highly topical and disgraceful. Harold Pinter, John Pilger, Denis Halliday, London N1

Dontcha just love these pompous, sanctimonious, humourless twats? As I remember, 1916-22 was a slightly unsettled time for the world and our empire. Bombing by plane had just caught on as an offensive and defensive tactic. Gold medal winners in wrong-headedness almost all of the time, these fools. They have spent much of their lives revering Stalin and Castro and the other evil bastards who arrived at dictatorship from the left rather than the right. I think they wrote this letter simply to show off their triffic grasp of the early history of aerial bombing.

Dunno who Halliday is, so no dartboard picture of him. Maybe Johnny's pa. What we do know is that he is a fellow-traveller of The Pint and The Pilge.


45govt said...

In love with themselves the trteacherous old commies, and never miss an opportunity to sell their own down the river and kive aid and comfort to the enemy, without actually going to join them of course, the prats. Their work is rubbish too, unless you're tired of counting sheep. How do these nonentities gain currency?

Newmania said...

Pilger really is a joke nowadays , I read the New Statesman , where he roams .He is like an old incontinent wreck in the corner who rockss quietly and hasn`t actualy been employed since 1981. Noone has the heart to tell him .

I do sometimes find the blimp letters to the Telegraph pretty funny too about the entirely predictable one about how ..."the original lines defended our country ,,,1875 against the fuzzy wuzzy harrumph...these new one s.. disgrace ..treason harrumph"

although sadly perhaps ,I agree with the sentiment

idle said...
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