Friday, 3 August 2007

One For Expatriate Sussex Folk

This is the reason for the absence of posts this week. A five-day marathon which requires Olympian fortitude. A luscious tottyfest. A wild carouse. A blog-free zone. An Idle spritual home.


Tuscan Tony said...

Thanks idle, enjoyed those.

Scroblene said...

How much did you win then?

Go on, go on, go on...!

Bet the traffic was murder!

idle said...

Scrobbers, if approaching from the North there is one route to the course which never sees traffic delays. Let me know if you ever need it.

The bookies took my money without complaint. My two bankers for the meeting both failed and so all my multiple bets went awry. It was a chastening experience.

Scroblene said...

Wish I'd known that from Festival of Speed last year!

Nightmare from Chichester, and even worse coming back; I bust a shock absorber on a level crossing...

'Honest Bob' knows your route no doubt! Sorry the spreaders went off the scale! The best tip I ever had was from a Solicitor chum! He'd spotted a Client, (who was also a bookie) in the crowd at Chepstow, and rushed up about 30 seconds before the start to tell me - bless him!

Scrob-legs at full pelt, I got an e/w on with seconds to spare...and a result!

He won a chunk as well!

But you didn't want to know that did you - sorry!

idle said...

Never do Goodwood from Chichester - always from Singleton. You can get to Singleton avoiding the Midhurst bottleneck if you know how.

I am happy that you landed your e/w punt, Scrobbers. All true turf fans enjoy other people winning, up to a point, as brother bookie has to reach into the satchel.

Scroblene said...

Your'e a good guy Idle; thanks for that!

I'll check the map next time - Tuscan has a good pub to visit near Petworth, so I'm goona be there soon - assuming said building goes ahead on A27!

Fingers crossed, but we're nearly there!

electro-kevin said...

Wifey and I always come out on top when we go racing. The only thing is that our winnings go straight on champagne for everyone in our party ... so the race course gets it all back anyway.

idle said...

EK clearly knows the form.

A friend leaving a racecorse with wads of dosh who hasn't bought shampoo for all is questionably a friend at all.