Sunday, 5 August 2007

From one festival to another

I can't tell you how perfect Goodwood was on Saturday; not a cloud in the sky, totty looking quite superb, except the typing pool bunch, arriving by stretch limo and GFI; good racing, allowing idle (for once this week) to get out of the course with his shirt still intact; a picnic of divine proportions; back to a friendly plutocrat's for swimming and boozing and a light supper and a marathon beat the intro sesh, which has put me in the right frame of mind for Belladrum 2007, the Glastonbury of the North, where thousands of sozzled highlanders prove that the CD and MP3 is not a technology unknown north of Perth, and radio reception still good enough to keep up with the popular tunes of the day.
Swathed not in tartan, but in sassenach youth culture clothing of the 1960s-00s, we will do everything from grooving to pogoing to a wide selection of beat combos, regretting only that the Tennessee 3 have had to cancel because of the singer's illness. A Cash tribute band called Ring of Fire has taken their place, so Fans in Black will not be completely destitute. The picture above shows you that this is no ordinary site for a festival. Midges are rare.
Upon a successful outcome - that the body has withstood the assault of alcohol and sleep deprivation, the idle persecution of lagopus lagopus hibernicus can start.

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