Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Stafford Strangler

Idle had his monthly letter in the Telegraph this morning, on the subject of the NHS management supremo who is better at reducing paperclip use and stacking blankets than he is at, um, running a health service that stops people dying unnecessarily in a soiled bed and with no drinking water.

How is it possible for Sir David Nicholson to keep his position and his title?

The lack of accountability with the NHS

SIR – One of the reasons that Sir David is refusing to contemplate resignation might be his belief in "jobs for life". He gave such a promise to all the staff of his first NHS trust in the late Eighties.
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West Sussex

But in case Idle was to get carried away by his own journalistic brilliance, Stephen Glover makes a much more important point in the Mail:

This Tory-led Government has missed the opportunity of placing the blame squarely on Labour for its past mistakes, and it finds itself in the absurd position of being associated with shameful events over which it had absolutely no control. You can’t score a more monumentally stupid political own goal than that.


Blue Eyes said...

"Stephen Glover makes a much more important point in the Mail"

Even he missed the central point which surely is that you can't run a national healthcare system from an office in Whitehall.

idle said...

Whitehall is the ONLY place you can run a NATIONAL healthcare system from, blue.

I agree that healthcare systems should be smaller, therefore regional. Oh but it'll just be postcode lottery, I hear people cry. Try telling that to the residents of Stafford, Stoke and Stone.

Thud said...

One time communist, quite a few of those loathsome creatures around.

Bill Quango MP said...

This truly is a government of Gareth Southgate shooting ability.

Electro-Kevin said...

This is not the only issue on which the Tories have tangled themselves in problems of Labour's making.

The economy too.

The BBC and Labour has been deft in the blame shift. For all the listener knows this happened under David Cameron's watch.

It must have been utterly hellish for those patients.

The central point that is really being missed here is that the Left are capable of the utmost wickedness.

Electro-Kevin said...

...illegal wars too. And destabilising our own country with mass immigration.

Wicked WICKED people.

Blue Eyes said...

I knew there would be some disagreement on my choice of the word "national"! I should have used the word "nation's" or something.