Friday, 1 March 2013

How Government Grows

“I have today appointed Greg Deck as mayor of the mountain resort of Jumbo,” government minister Bill Bennett told a press conference in British Columbia. “I have also appointed Nancy Huginin and Steve Ostrander to assist him as councilors. True, Jumbo has no inhabitants, buildings or roads. But we do have a mayor, and that’s a good start.”

Environmentalists are not amused. “This new ski resort may have no net benefit. We think that the people of BC will start asking some serious questions when they realise they are paying the salaries of a mayor and councillors to govern an area inhabited solely by grizzlies and goats.”

H/T Artemis Funds Weekly 


Thud said...

I'm applying for a position as sheriff or dog catcher, can I telecommute to a place that doesn't exist?

Blue Eyes said...

I have elected myself Mayor of my manor. It's only sixty square metres and I don't have that many powers, but it's a power trip fo' sho'.

In breaking news I have declined to draw my $1m salary.

Anonymous said...

inhabited by grizzlies and goats? sounds like westminster

said pip