Monday, 12 November 2012

Take Them to the Cleaners

Poor old Lord McAlpine. I always thought of him as one of the good blokes and reading his Wikipedia entry has reinforced this many times over. He has lived a full and blameless life, now in its ill-health dotage in Southern Italy. Blameless, that is, unless you are motivated by hatred of Tories, as those are who jumped onto the bandwagon to put the boot in when he was mistakenly implicated in the wretched child abuse furore.

Well I hope he sues the cynical and posturing George Monbiot, the imbecilic tarty Sally Bercow and the vain idiot Philip Schofield for millions. Not only because they utterly deserve it, but because he will be doing a great service to society at large by helping (slightly) to stop the thoughtless (or deliberate) spread of malicious rumours on the twittersphere. It is a saying as old as the hills: a rumour can travel round the world before the truth has got its boots on - but it has been compounded a thousandfold by modern technology.

The only defence that Moonbat, Moocow and prettyboy have is that they were passing on the information 'in good faith'. Let us hope that judge and jury recognise this for the bogus justification it is; they have responsibility for their own actions, and should therefore be wary of spreading muck. If you're planning to shoot an outlaw, you'd better make sure he's an outlaw, otherwise it's murder.

I doubt any of these three has ever met McAlpine or has any personal animosity to him. They did what they did because they hate the Conservative Party, particularly the 'Thatcher Era" (did you notice how often this phrase was used when the rumours started?), and they believe they have the public on their side, which increased their confidence that they could get stuck in without consideration for their libel, let alone giving the individual concerned a fair hearing.

I hope it costs them their jobs and their life savings.


Elby the Beserk said...

And so say all of us. The BBC and the Left have exposed themselves totally here.

Odd, is it not, given this, that the odious Watson, MacBride the smearer's buddy, has nothing to say about this, is it not?

Electro-Kevin said...

I hope that Silly Berk-Cow gets her sweet (admittedly) little arse sued off.

Thud said...

Pervert,Tory and Thatcher in one sentence was enough to drive the lefties insane....which it did.

Scrobs... said...

Your last sentence descibes it all, Iders!

They really are up S**t Creek now, and watching the flunkies read news bulletins, pose questions etc, you can see they're absolutly running scared.

Watching Fiona Bruce this evening, we realised that she had to gulp when talking about awful companies like Starbucks not paying tax, when she's even worse than them. Blasted conniver that she has turned out to be, quite a few hidden ponds in her account as a 'consultant' presumably.

Let's hope that there are several hundred more time-serving (Paxo's words, not mine) wasters in that bloody building in Portland Place, just beginning to realise that they need a whole lot more Immodium before this finishes, which, I hope, will be after several months or years yet.

idle said...

Scrobs, I said exactly the same about Ms Bruce to Lady Idle when she introduced that item.

I have oversight of a couple of Beeb flunkeys' accounts at the bank, the zeros attached to which would make your eyes water. My professional integrity prevents me from naming them, at least until they croak.

Jeff Randall for DG!

idle said...

And another thing about that pretty imbecile Ms Bruce - she was smiling and simpering when introducing an item about that Commie traitor Blake as though he were some sort of national treasure; describing his flight from the Scrubs to Moscow as though it were a daring wartime raid on Nazi Germany by a brave commando.

Forgive her; she is so ignorant and vain, she knows not whereof she speaks.

Scrobs... said...

I only heard part of that bit, Idle, as I had to let the dog out!

Mind you, I rely on her going out regularly during news bulletins, as I can revert my blood pressure to just below boiling point, and return to my VAT (on the slate Dave), with a refreshed point of view...

I only saw the traitor standing in his garden, so assumed that he's enjoying life (not) under the communism that isn't there any more.