Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lost the Thread

Introducing the new England rugby kit, proudly sporting the national colours of, er........

Cranberry? Merlot? Blackberry Crumble?

The hopeless incompetents at the RFU, keeping up a long history of idiocy and greed stretching back to the beginning of the professional era in the 1990s, have evidently decided that England don't need to wear white shirts. This is what happens when you pay a marketing director a couple of hundred grand a year and waste a million or two on PR consultants and stylists - you have to listen to their right-on, rootless, ahistorical bleatings. And you end up with the plastic rubbish bags being worn above. And before they start defending themselves by calling it an 'away' kit, England were playing at home today. And before they start gibbering about the similarity of the England white shirt to the Wallabies' gold, remind them that this has been ignored for a century, including a world cup final.

It is true the All Blacks occasionally have to wear a white change kit, but I bet the players know they are not wearing all black (imagine the horror if that was the one only cap you won!). It's the reason they are not known as 'New Zealand', for heaven's sake! The Aussies drone on about the 'Green and Gold' as much as their cricketing counterparts mention the 'Baggy Green', but this is the right sort of pride.

So why can't England stick to their roots and show some pride and loyalty to their traditional national colours? They lost the plot, as well as the game.

(As written by Idle, born and bred in Aberdeenshire, long-suffering Scotland supporter)


Scrobs... said...

Tha same peculiar sort of imbecilic 'marketing man' is now a temporary DG of the BBC...

Same ilk, same inane and stupid ideas, similar minor skills, hopeless waste of money, this time by the RFU.

I bet the IoM is just squealing with joy that they have managed to induce so many idiots into proper business.

Thud said...

They can be sponsored by Ribena.

Electro-Kevin said...

Maybe the 'marketing man' is a woman.

In which case I can see how she'd be interested in saving herself the trouble of washing.

idle said...

The aged pater, Commander Idle, also settled upon Ribena, Thud.

The flimflam merchant stand-in DG, Scrobs, at least wised up and put on a tie the next day. I suspect he had to go out and buy one.

E-K may have put his finger on it: this was the work of sheila.

lilith said...

Either Ribena or the Belgian royal family

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Never mind the kit - they have bigger problems. Why does Flood stand so far away from the scrum half, and so deep? Has anyone ever told Tuilagi the point of the game is to run around would be tacklers, not to actively seek them out and clatter into them? Why do they pick Robshaw at 7 instead of someone quick? Shouldn't someone tell Joe Marler that when you scrummage your shoulders shouldn't be 8 inches higher than your hips? (And cut his bloody Mohican off while they're at it?) Why don't they kick for goal when they get the chance? You never see the All Blacks with white line fever. Clear heads, those people. Strange times in English rugby. Every year they do the same thing and wonder why they get the same results.

Of course as a Scot I should probably be delighted but as an old fashioned Unionist who's lived in England for a long time I suppose I have more in common with the Scottish football fans who hoisted Stanley Matthews onto their shoulders than these chippy sods with an inferiority complex who warble that bloody awful dirge 'Flower of Scotland'. There's nothing more ridiculous than a denizen of Morningside infused with the spirit of Bannockburn. (Perhaps I should say Culloden, given Scotland's performances lately.)

idle said...

You are taking your English rugby quite seriously for a Scot, SW.

Most of those on the winning side at Culloden were Scots. The Monro clan, for starters.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I just hate to see the Southern Hemisphere countries winning, Idle. Every time they do a little piece of me dies. It comes from being duffed up by touring Springboks and Aussies when I was a student front row.

Of course if England had pulled it off and kicked every penalty I would be whinging about the arrogant boring English, as is our birthright.

As for you - clearly you are no Jacobite! Boo, hiss!

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Thinking of Culloden, if I remember correctly the Clans were split about 70/30 in favour of the Jacobite cause.... and as always the toffs had representatives on both sides to cover every angle.

It's lucky we have the English to hate or we'd all be fighting like cats and dogs.

idle said...

Dinnae fash yersel, SW. I am a Jacobite through and through. We all need every bit of hopeless romanticism we can get.

Caber feidh gu brath!

Thud said...

To my horror I found out a couple of weeks ago that I have a Scottish great great grandfather which compounds my shame at being Liverpool Irish.

Blue Eyes said...

I saw the picture and thought that Arsenal Football Club had picked the ball up.

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